Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Heh. Hand Wash.

My car is a disgrace. It's generally a bit down on the heel but since i got a new windshield I've been feeling kind of guilty about how completely and utterly filthy it is. The last time I had it washed was 2007. Seriously! That is just messed up. And by "had it washed" I don't mean a person washed it, I mean I ran it through the car wash and probably paid the extra two dollars for the fancy one with wax and undercarriage whatever. A disgrace. But, I am never going to be one of those people who wakes up on a warm sunny Saturday morning and thinks, "Hey, this would be the perfect opportunity to wash my car!" That is never going to happen.

But, things had gotten bad. All that snow meant that my car was covered with a fine layer of salt crud on top of the thick layer of crud crud and I just couldn't stand it anymore, so Saturday I told Kenny we were going to go find a car wash. We drove down to the busy corridor of car dealerships and gas stations until Kenny pointed out a slightly down-in-the-heel Exxon with a car wash. Perfect! There was a badly lettered sign out front that said "HAND WASH $8" but I wasn't really sure what that was about. I just wanted to run my car through the automated thingy and be done with it. Little did I know.

I drove around the back and down the narrow lane to the car wash, but before I even got to the pay-box a spry man with bucket in hand popped out of nowhere. Kenny got out to talk to him and apparently yes, the hand wash was $8. Sure, whatever, go ahead. Kenny got back in the car and we looked into the empty automated car wash while the man sprayed down my car. I looked over at him and said,

"Okay, I'm confused. Is it $8 for the hand wash PLUS the automated car wash?"

"I guess so. Maybe he's just prepping it."

"That car wash doesn't even look like it works."

"No, it doesn't."

Meanwhile, Mr. Hand Wash was scrubbing my tires and soaping down my whole car.

"I think...I think he IS the car wash."

And he was. He spent 20 minutes on my car and did a thorough job. I mean, my car gleamed afterwards! Kenny chatted with him and found out that he owned the gas station and I guess the car wash broke so he decided to just do it himself. I don't know but it ruled. So low-tech and unexpected! We gave him a nice tip and were shocked when the driver of the car behind us (who pulled out without his hand wash) offered him THREE DOLLARS, apparently appalled that the automated car wash was busted. Cheat loser.


  1. Dude, you lucked out at $8. Hand washes usually cost more then automated because it makes sure that your car doesn't get messed up or scratched. $3? That person behind you is insane.

  2. Oh, I know! That was kind of my point. I mean, how often do you get personal service for the price of automated? Crazy.

  3. Just discovered your blog via the "Next Blog" feature on Blogger -- and am so glad I did! You funny lady, and my cat Felix looks almost exactly like your black kitty. (And not that you asked or care but my mother also sends me strange notes, or comments on my blog posts and am about to lose my mind from all the snow and freezing rain.I guess it is a small world after all.)

  4. It is indeed. Thanks for reading! It's always nice to know that not everyone sneers and *CLICKS* real quick after accidentally landing on my blog.

  5. I hear you. Yours is actually the first blog I stayed on for more than a few seconds -- and then added to my blogroll ( :-)

  6. I have promised M & J that I'll take the car (with them in it) into a car wash soon. I just keep waiting for all the nasty weather (and mud) to die down first. I want that first and only car wash to LAST.