Monday, October 26, 2009


Hey! It's me. I've been all kinds of slack lately but I'm going to fix that. That's right, nerds, I'm commiting to do that NaBloPoMo thingy this year. YEAH. 30 days of bullshit from me. But, to prevent my head from exploding, I think I'm just going to tell a little slice-of-life story every day. Nothing too taxing or ridiculously detailed, just a little daily story from my average existence. Like, for instance, yesterday:

Kenny and I decided to ride over to the secret little park that's tucked between the neighborhood next to ours and the highway. Great trails that nobody ever rides. We were headed down towards the end of the cul-de-sac where the park gate is located when I heard a loud rustling sound coming from the yard to the left of us. We slowed down and watched with mouths agape as a fully-antlered buck burst out of the yard, galloped across the street right in front of us and dove into the yard on our right. Kenny and I looked at each other, momentarily speechless, and then I said,

"Damn, that was a really big dog."

Friday, October 2, 2009

Stuck in a Moment

So hey, we went to the U2 concert last night in Charlottesville, having managed to score tickets a mere two weeks ago. I really don't generally dig the big stadium show but U2 is one of those bands that's quietly been sneaking up on me for the past ten years and once I got the idea in my head I couldn't bear to not go.

Now, I've always liked U2 and I know a lot of people are all, yeah, I liked U2, but I am here to tell you this: their last three albums are outstanding and if you haven't bothered to listen you are missing out.

Also: Larry is the hot one.

So, here are a bunch of bad iPhone photos:

This is THE CLAW:

It totally looked like it was about to come to life and clank it's way out of there. Incidentally, right before the band came on they played Bowie's Space Oddity and I died right there on the spot.

See up there?

That dude PEED ON THE CROWD. The police were called. People were angry. We were gleeful in our outrage and made friends by discussing the various ways we would've dismembered that guy if he'd peed on us.

The 360 LED screen was really fucking cool:

And now it's today and I have to say, by comparison? Today sucks. There's no giant disco ball, no stretchy giant screen, no moonlit Larry Mullen, Jr.

Screw today, last night was magnificent.