Monday, August 31, 2009

Camp, Year Five

I didn't mean to take a blogcation, but my post-vacation ennui became a I-can't-believe-summer-is-over depression which lead right into the busiest time of year at work. But I suck, because Camp was nearly a month ago and I've not yet posted a thing. That is slack even for me.

Better late than never, right?

The trip down to Knoxville was pretty uneventful except that my old car seemed to have a new and potent vibration that ran through both the steering wheel and the gas pedal and made me vibrate too. Tolerable for a short distance, but tiresome after seven hours, for real. Oh, and I drove through a crazy storm:

I made good time and met Marianne at her parent's amazing house with a view that cannot be described. Jaw-dropping.

I was greeted by a pony-sized Great Dane who bashed his head lovingly into my stomach several times. After I picked myself up off the floor, I made a nice fuss over him. Aw.

Also, aw, Lulu! I finally got to meet Marianne and Chris's lovely little girl, who was a fabulous Camper, even though she can't make cocktails (yet.)

She's cute asleep...

And awake!

We met up with Lisa and Matt, at the Dancing Bear Lodge, where Matt was staying for the weekend while Lisa hung out with us. Dinner was incredible and afterwards we went out on the deck and made s'mores around the outside fireplace while watching the bats swoop around overhead. Yay!

Afterwards we headed to the cabin to wait for the late arrivals - Jessica and Emily. The cabin is so familiar to me now that it was like coming home - nothing changed, as if I had only been gone a few days, not a whole year.

Jessica and Emily arrived and we all caught up before heading to bed, dreaming about the 10 or so pounds of bacon that Emily and Marianne bought. BACON:

The weekend was glorious - the weather perfect, the boat in good order, and something awesome and new! A tube to tow behind the boat. Emily and I took charge of that project:


Lisa was a fine captain after we forced her to drive the boat:

I did not, repeat, did NOT blow out the plumbing this year. Just wanted to let y'all know.

Burgers were made, games were played, we ate way too much candy, drank way too much everything, and sincerely had a great time.

The last night was spent at Marianne's house and we went out to dinner at a local Mexican place and I accidentally over-ordered:

Dang, the combo plate there is quite a production. A production involving four plates.

I was feeling poorly on Sunday, and I thought it was just allergies. Unfortunately I woke up Monday with a cold. Ugh. Chris, who'd helped me get my car looked at drove me down to the garage to pick it up so I could drive home. The tires got rotated which helped quite a bit with the vibration issue.

The drive home was grueling. You know how when you have a cold you just want to close your eyes and drool on yourself? Yeah, you can't so much do that when you have 450 miles of highway time ahead of you. Thank god for Stephen King and books on CD. Duma Key totally saved my ass.

I made it home by 6pm and fell onto the couch, where I stayed for the next two days. It was worth it.

The End...until next year.


  1. YAY!

    Jealous. Want campers. Must find campers of my own.

    And the pic of you at the end, totally falling out laughing? Man ... that's ADORABLE!

  2. BACON! I want to join your club.

  3. I am always so jealous of the camp trips! And meeting Lulu besides?! Damn.

    I'm glad you had so much fun, and seriously, how CUTE are you?!

  4. Those shirts are the best ever! And wow, the tube looks like TONS OF FUN!