Thursday, January 21, 2010

Bullet Points.

Yeah, I've been busy but lots has happened! I promise to be better about updating when I get back from my trip. Ah! Bullet:

  • I'm going to Chicago tomorrow to see friends and to eat some good food and generally not be at home and stuff. Whee! My coworkers keep giving me chemical hand warmers which is nice, but it's not actually that cold there right now. I'm not going to the antarctic, y'all.
  • My birthday was last Saturday and it was a lot of fun. My spinning instructor embarrassed me good (but played Bowie at my request), I had a fun lunch with my sister and nieces, and went out to dinner with Kenny, Kate and Justin. Dinner was a bit of a fiasco because who the hell decides to go to Edo's on a Saturday night after they've been closed for two weeks? Only me. It was a mob scene. That's a story in itself, so I'll save it.
  • I took my first TRX class on Tuesday and assumed, stupidly, that because I work out hard and lift heavy that it wouldn't be that hard. Hi, could you put my coat on for me? And buckle my seat belt? And maybe steer my car? My arms DON'T WORK. Damn hell. I can't wait to do it again once I'm able to move and stuff.

That's all! I'll be back Monday with tales to tell.


  1. You've picked an excellent weekend to come. It's supposed to be in the 40s here on Saturday, which is pretty much summer. But bring waterproof shoes.

  2. I'm very torn on what coat to bring. Wool or down-filled? 40 degrees in Virginia is different than 40 degrees in Chicago. Also, uh, I don't have waterproof shoes. Crap.