Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday Stuff. Springtime Edition.

So, it's Friday again and I still like stuff, but there's also stuff I don't like. For instance, taking my car in for state inspection. If you're remember back to last year, my $15 inspection ended up costing, like, a lot more. A lot, lot more. This year we took it to the poor people garage instead, hoping they'd be a little more lenient. Um, well, no. Apparently you aren't supposed to have to put power steering fluid in every single week and I need a new power steering pump RIHNOW.

According to them steering is a "safety issue" or something dumb like that. I'm all, bitch please. Gimme one of those hinky Prius cars and don't even worry about fixing it because I am going to look AWESOME flying down the highway at 100 MPH. I might even go back to the future! I'll wave when I swerve around you because, yo, I CAN'T STOP. Woo!

But no, instead my car gets a loving sponge bath with a handful of one hundred dollar bills. Do not like. Also, it had to go right back today because when Kenny picked it up last night the airbag light was on and the horn didn't work. Hi, please hook it back up correctly? Not to much to ask? Hmph.

But I do like:

Daylight Saving Time. I know, I know, next week is going to hurt what with losing that hour of sleep, but oh! Precious after work daylight, I have missed you so. I am DYING to get back out on the bike trails after work. Cannot wait.

Givenchy Tartine et Chocolat Ptisenbon. That is a mouthful of words, sorry. This is my spring/summer perfume though it can hardly be called perfume because it's so light, so not sweet, not cloying, just smells lemony and clean and maybe a little bit like baking bread and licorice. Not in a weird way, either. It doesn't have much staying power but I don't like to be overly smelly anyway, so that's fine by me. It's been discontinued but is still readily available on eBay and various discount perfume websites.

Lara Bars. Lately we've been trying to eat much better and have sworn off most processed foods. I've cut way back on sugar and alcohol as well. But, I still occasionally want a little treat and Lara Bars seem to be a healthful solution. They're very simple: ground nuts, dates and coconut (or other dried fruit.) No weird ingredients, no wheat, no corn syrup, just real stuff in bar form. I like the Coconut Cream Pie flavor the best. I bought a few yesterday and the gentleman who rang me up started telling me all about his wheat allergy and the horrifying things that corn syrup does in your gut. Um, just want to buy my hippie snacks and leave now, thanks mister. Sheesh.

Looks Good from the Back. Hey! New blog, because that's exactly what I needed. This one is a team effort, though. My friend Marianne and I decided to start a fashion blog (stop laughing) with no twee poses, just straight up outfits, stuff we like, and lots of unfortunate try-on-stuff sessions. Check it out! I think it'll be fun and we're both really excited about it.


  1. I hate Daylight Savings Time. Hate.

  2. I cannot WAIT to get that hour of daylight back! Also, I'm too excited about our new project. Plus? My verification word below is "ThatHot". Damn straight.

  3. love them - Kroger at WL had them on sale for .79 recently - would love to hear your review of a recipe - if it's worth it or not

  4. Lara bars are a staple of my daily diet. Have you tried the key lime? Yum-ee.