Friday, April 2, 2010

Releasing the Kraken.

I've spent most of this week under a cloud, a dark cloud created by hormones and a specific pre-condition condition that I forget about every month until I'm in it. In it to win it, y'all, with my nameless rage at I don't even know what. Everything, I guess. Rage against my car, the potholes, my fluctuating weight, my inability to not eat things I'm not supposed to eat, at the cat for hocking a hairball on the rug we haven't even owned a week, emails I can't answer fast enough, flaky eBay sellers, flaky riding instructors, beautiful days that I feel like I"m missing, all of it. Rage.

But then this morning I woke up and the cloud had blown over and the day was new and sparkly with weekend-to-come promise. If I were a religious person I'd say today was a gift from God, but I'm not, so lets just say the day felt like a gift in general. As I drove across the bridge to work I enjoyed the view and was grateful to be part of it all, to have woken up and still be in the world no matter how weird and messy it is.

So, there. A mostly non-snarky entry from me. Also, my outfit is cute today if you were wondering.

Have a good weekend!


  1. When I was your age, a very smart nurse practitioner told me that 100 mgs of B6 a day did wonders for my mood swings. I just turned another friend about your age onto this and she swears it changed her life.

  2. Yes, I was obsessed with worry over what you were wearing. Must tell you though, that if you can wear those stripes (and obviously you can!) you can scratch "fluctuating weight" off your list of worries for awhile.

    Must try kathy's B6. :)

  3. Well, thanks! I do like a stripy dress. Kathy, I'm going to try your B6. It certainly couldn't hurt.