Friday, May 28, 2010

Long Weekend Plans. Not that you care or anything.

No comments of any kind on my last two entries and you fools wonder why I never update? It's because NOBODY LOVES ME, clearly. Sheesh. I'll admit I've been putting most of my blog energy into my new venture because it's fun and new and stuff but I don't want to entirely abandon my post. I just haven't had much to say. Or much to look forward to... looking forward to.

This weekend is something, though. A long weekend! Three whole days. I don't get any significant vacation time until the end of July which might as well be December, it feels so far, far away. This weekend is tangible, though. I can almost taste it. Plans:

Saturday: Those chairs I posted about a few entries ago? I'm finally going to do something about them. My friend Nina is coming over to help me make them awesome. I spent some time cleaning them up last weekend and hey, guess what? A Magic Eraser is not what you want to use to get rid of chair grunge unless you want to remove the finish too. Oops. So one of them will need to be stained. Yeah. They're both utterly filthy but I hope when we're done they'll be transformed and I'll have something to show you. (Not that you care.)

Sunday: Perhaps a riding lesson? I've slacked off on the horseback riding partially because of cost and partially because my instructor is kind of a flake. We'll make plans and she'll forget. Then we'll make plans and she'll discover she has to work her other job. Then we'll make plans and I have to reschedule and she acts all put out like it's not something she does ALL THE TIME. It kind of takes the fun out of it. Anyway, if not a horse ride then a mountain bike ride followed by a barbecue at a friend's house. Activity followed by relaxing and beer! My kind of Sunday.

Monday: I will probably try to clean my filthy house or something in the morning, or maybe do a bike ride if I don't go on Sunday. Then lunch with Kate. Then piles of laundry. Then whining, weeping and rending of garments.

Thus far this is the plan. Sometimes my mother tries to hijack a long weekend with a LETS DO A BIG FAMILY LUNCH BECAUSE I MIGHT DIE SOON kind of thing but it's Thursday and I haven't gotten so much as a subject-line-only email from her, so I think the coast is clear.  Fingers crossed.


  1. Adrien -- first of all, know that I always read and enjoy. Second, I love the fabric you are using to cover the chair seats, so cheerful. Third, I'm glad to know that somebody else besides me plans to use their long weekend for normal stuff. I was feeling jealous b/c everybody I talked to had BIG! FUN! PLANS! and I was just doing... the usual.

  2. Aw, thanks for the love. And really, I love nothing more than a whole weekend without too much in the way of BIG! FUN! PLANS! It just feels nice to have time to get some stuff done.

  3. I am looking forward to a long weekend with no travel! I am finally getting back on my mountain bike, and at some point WILL have that Kuba-Kuba breakfast burrito I have been dreaming about for weeks. That's my big plan for the weekend! Looking forward to seeing you Sunday.

  4. I haven't gotten one of those emails about this weekend but about June and all the birthdays and what does J need and hold my hand through it all....

    Anyway, my weekend will include friends for of of the 3 days and buying wedding shoes for the kids. That is about it.

  5. I always read your posts...sorry if I don't comment! I look forward to see your blog in bold in my reader:)

    Sounds like a lovely weekend ahead! Can't wait to see how the chairs come out. Enjoy!

  6. The magic eraser really is magic... in that it is mystifying to me. Good to know about the finish!

    Have a good weekend :)

  7. You never respond to my responses, so I figured YOU didn't love ME.

    Nothing doing here but that elusive "catching up on stuff" plan, which would indeed be awesome.

    ....and two trips down, and two trips back up, Buttermilk.

    Oh, and yeah, gotta go buy that dress you made me buy!

  8. You're right! I want all the love but give nothing back. For shame. I hope to run into you on Buttermilk one of these days, but in lieu of that, how about we meet for a cheap lunch sometime soon? I haven't seen you in AGES.

  9. PS. Thanks to everyone who commented. It's nice to feel the love! Have a good weekend, all.