Monday, May 10, 2010

Lunchtime Update, real quick-like.

I've completely neglected the original B.L.O.G. mostly because it's way easier to post some dumb photo of myself than it is to talk about the eleventy billion things going on. To recap:

Three craft shows:

1. Awesome show, non-awesome sales
2. Unspeakable.
3. Filthy and windy, but decent sales.

A visit from my friend Ashley which resulted in:

1. Several bottles of wine consumed
2. Weird pedicures
3. Enough intense conversation to get me through until the next time I see her.

One mountain bike race (this coming Saturday):

1. Filled with dread.
2. Sure, I'll do the long course this year.
3. Filled. With. Dread.

Three rescued thrift store chairs that I plan to rehab and recover (fabric swatch in second photo) with help from Nina:

(Potential, yes? I haven't even had time to lay a finger on them, but soon! Soon.)

My first free product!
It's finally happening y'all - people are sending me free stuff to write about. In this case:

1. Four bottles of Cheribundi juice.
2. But not a pony.
3. Also not an Herm├Ęs bag.

I've been working my way through the four varieties they sent and will post an entry about it later this week.

And...that's it for now. I'll probably do a race recap next weekend and now that craft show season is over, I'll try to summon up the brain cells necessary to post Stuff I Like again. Because I still like stuff. And I like you. Mostly.

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