Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy Blog Anniversary to Me.

Okay, I couldn't have the last entry of 2010 be something so sad, so here I am writing a desperate update post-holiday. Christmas was a bit chaotic, but really pretty nice overall. Our tree this year is cute and a bit scrappy:
I saw it at Lowe's and felt sorry for it, so it had to come home with us. Aw.

Also, we had a white Christmas this year! Amazing. Even though I'd decided I hated snow after last year's pummeling, it was still really nice to have snow on Christmas. The next day it was still snowing so we did a snow ride:

It's more fun than it sounds like. The snow was still coming down so we were in the woods all snowy and quiet and it was just unlike anything else. Like you're on another planet. (Also, if you fall it doesn't really hurt.)

Finally, this is a blog-anniversary for me! It's my 8th. Eight years ago I was a miserable temp at a miserable bank loan center and I started this blog (on Diaryland) as an Internet cry for help. Here's my first-ever entry:

It's terrible, but it got really good for a while and now we're back to terrible. So, here's my resolution: I resolve to update my Amblus blog at least once a week for the entire damn year of 2011. If I don't, you can shake your finger up in my face or something.

Thanks for reading! I look forward to annoying you for the year to come. 


  1. I was out walking along Huguenot Flatwater several times this holiday and saw mountain bike tracks ... and thought of you! (Also saw cross-country ski tracks, which just about made my whole week!)

    I personally am looking forward to EITHER weekly updates (which would be totally cool) OR the opportunity to shake my finger in your face (which would rock, too, until you bit it off).

    Happy 11! See you soon, I hope!

  2. Once a week, huh? Hmmm. How long is a week now?

  3. It's still Friday, right? Check back tonight.