Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I Make Fun of Stuff...and Stuff.

It's that week, the week during which I tend to lose my mind and become filled with PMS-induced rage. I've been timidly waiting for it and so far I'm doing okay. Last month was so bad I considered maybe getting a prescription for something chill-making, so we'll see. It's only Wednesday, after all.

I have found that my fun-making skills are much sharper this week as demonstrated last night while watching TV. This horrible band was on some lame public access cable show and they did a couple of truly horrible acoustic tracks. I made fun of them with such ease! I actually cracked myself up at one point and collapsed on the couch laughing while Kenny looked at me sideways. Okay, maybe I was just shooting fish in a barrel because the douche-y lead singer:

- really really really wants to be Adam Lavine (why? How did Maroon 5 even happen?)
- has an ironic mohawk
- was wearing a suit vest over a t-shirt
- was singing some of the lamest lyrics ever on the face of the earth:

pictures of you
pictures of me
hung up on your wall for the world to see

pictures of you
pictures of me
remind us all of what we used to be


I assumed they were local until I saw their actual video on Mtv this morning in place of the usual horrible Maroon 5 nonsense (Adam Lavine is pissed), which included touching footage of a dreadlocked squatter mother and her child looking all morose. So edgy! So...zzzZZZzzz...

Moving on. Here's what's happening:

This weekend Kate is hosting a big yard sale and I'm happily (and much to Kenny's horror) rooting through every closet and cabinet in our house to see what we can sell. It is amazing to me the amount of useless crap we have acquired in just a few short years. It's like our house grows it's own junk. It's unnatural! I'm really fighting it, this genetic need to hoard (hi mom!)

I got the grand idea of selling our crappy old vacuum cleaner at the yard sale and buying a shiny new one with the yard sale proceeds. Lets hope I make more than $20 total so that can happen, instead of my selling my vacuum cheap and also not making enough to buy another one, which is probably really what's going to happen. Shit. You know it will, but who cares? I need that thing gone.

In other news, I did a race last weekend and you can read about it here. Aren't I nice to segregate the sporty stuff so you don't have to weed through it to get to more useless nattering about vacuums? Don't ever say I don't care about your feelings, is all I'm saying.

Kate and I also attended Bizarre Market last weekend and I bought cool stuff from Lookability and Arthur Hash. It's funny because the first Bizarre Market Kate and I ever attended was in October 2004 or 2005 and the weather was unseasonably warm. Last Saturday was exactly like that. I meant to take pictures but apparently you need both the camera and the memory card in order to do that. I mean, really, I can't do it all, people! Too many things to keep track of. End result: no pictures for you.

Too bad.

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  1. Buy a dyson. It will change your life.

    I bought mine last year at Bed Bath and Beyond and used one of their 20% off coupons which knocked a lot of money off the top. (I can send you one if you don't have one)

    I love mine.