Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Small is Awesome.

Ha ha, not a real entry, but I did think you'd want to maybe see the latest entry I added to the Richmond Craft Mafia blog, in which I document the creation of a tiny piece of art for the upcoming ThinkSmall! show.

Oh, come on. Where else will some fool show you their incredibly fascinating creative process? Why would anyone care? YOU CARE. Go take a look. And just so I'm not all "me me me" here's Kenny's entry. Oh, and did I mention my mom has one too?

If you're local, you should totally come see this show. Where else are you going to see tiny art by a zillion of the best locals artists?

More Info: ThinkSmall4!


  1. Saw the show today and LOVE your work (and Kenny's and your mom's too!).

  2. I still have a piece of tiny art you made me way back when.