Friday, October 12, 2007


Seriously, Friday, what gives? My brain is all crunky today so instead of words I'll give you entertainment in the way only I can.

Firsty, you wanna see my desk? If you click through to Flickr you can read all my dumb notes:

desk shot

desk shot2

Secondy, I stole something. I stole a magazine from the gym because I though I would look totally awesome on the cover instead of Nicole Kidman. She really needs to step off from my boyfriend. Don't we look cute together?

We totally look great together

He's so into me.

He totally loves me

And yes, I made my husband take these pictures. He knows what the score is.

Finally, before I rot your brain entirely, here's a great link that Kenny sent me:

Our Town

It's all cool vintage photos from a town in New York state. I love all the old fashioned names: Clifford, Viola, Louise, Mildred! I couldn't stop looking at them. Enjoy.

Peace out.


  1. It must be that kind of day - I ended up taking pictures of dice at my desk.

  2. FYI the last couple of pix are only visible to yer Flickr friends!

  3. I steal my co-workers food when they are not around.