Friday, October 24, 2008

Poor - it's what's for dinner.

Whee, back to being poor! My husband has been laid off and we're both kind of happy about it. I know, this is probably not the emotion that we're meant to have (especially seeing the way things are going in the world) but his job royally sucked and made him really unhappy which made me unhappy.

It's stressful, the money thing, but we're good at it and I think this is our third laying-off together as a couple. My favorite is when we were both laid off at the same time. Whee! Nothing to do! Nowhere to go! Together! We did fine. I mean, hell, I remember when my paycheck was $265. That was for two weeks pay, and yes, this is after I graduated from college. That is the kind of poor where you're trying to figure out how to feed yourself on $7 for the week because you have $8 in your checking account (gotta leave that buffer dollar!) It's real, people. It happened.

Related segue: I am cracking up that there's a politically-related debate over whether a yearly income of $250K is "wealthy" or not. I am here to tell you that IT TOTALLY IS. This is not a debate! If you make a freaking QUARTER MILLION DOLLARS A YEAR, guess what! You're wealthy. I do not care where you live, you're doing JUST FINE. Now shut yer rich pie hole.

Anyway, back to poor. I accustomed as I am to attempting frugality, am sort of worried that we're going to have to make some not-good economies. I'm fine with trying to shop less and planning meals more carefully but if anyone tries to take away my DVR I will cut a bitch. DO NOT TOUCH MY HAPPY RECORDING BOX. NO NO. BAD.

Ahem. Sorry, I get a bit emotional when it comes to my television because it's so good right now. I think Pushing Daisies is the best part of my week, it's so freaking awesome. (I mean, Getaway sticks? Effing brilliant!) And Chuck! I love my Charles Carmichael. I love you, television.

Sorry, I'm all over the place today. I was trying to get around to talking about food and meal planning and whatnot. I plan all our meals out for the week and do the shopping on Friday after work. The most labor-intensive meal I plan is for Saturday or Sunday night when I have a little extra time. This weekend I'm making Butternut Squash Soup with Sweet and Spicy Pecans.

It's my favorite autumnal meal and the ingredients are not expensive. I don't have an immersion blender so I just blend it in batches in my food processor and then pour it all back in the pot before adding the milk. I serve it with grilled cheese sandwiches (made with really good crusty bread) and a simple salad of baby greens topped with chopped green apple and celery. It's good leftover for lunch the next day and freezes well. PS. Do not make a face at it's Rachael Ray origins. A good recipe is a good recipe.

And that's all I've got kids! Have a good weekend.


  1. Just don't let it make you sick. I expect to see you bright and early and well on Sunday.

  2. Aw sorry about the layoff, but I completely know what you mean about being kinda happy about it. When I got fired from the one and only job that ever fired me, I was freaked out for about an afternoon and then SO FUCKING HAPPY.

    I'm right there with you on the poor stuff. I know it's just by complete luck that we've been able to make it through the last few months and still pay all the bills. Eeeek.

    And that soup - actually that whole dinner - sounds delicious!!

  3. I kind of liked it when Jay didn't have a job because he would have dinner ready for me when I came home from work! Having the "sole bread winner" tag on my ass was a downer at times but it definately had its advantages.

  4. 1) I love Pushing Daisies too! (I also momentarily thought you were talking about the girl named Chuck, not the show Chuck.)
    2) an imersion blender is cheap - mine was like $13 - and it makes life SO much easier in soup weather. Spring for it.

  5. I'm with you on the poor grocery shopping. I try to make every meal last 2 days, or at least lunch the next day. Do you know how far a 2 pound box of spaghetti noodles can stretch?

  6. I am sorry to hear about Kenny's job but I am glad he will no longer be miserable working there. I keep thinking the same thing by the way, that I know how to be poor so if I have to do it again, I will be okay.

    I love Butternut Squash soup. I have a bunch in fridge ready to be roasted and then made into a soup.

    Are you still a veg? I made a great Rotisserie Chicken soup with Chorizo that is cheap, delicious and easy.

  7. A - you crack me up! Please don't cut a bitch, NO ONE TOUCH HER TV!

    I'll need lessons on the poor thing - as of Friday we both are unemployed. Happy (can you tell I"m trying to convince myself?), but broke. Maybe we can share meals. I'm busting out the Crockpot this week for BBQ beef...

    Hang in there!

  8. Totally not making a face at RR. Really. I'm not. Okay, just a little one. *wink*

    Sorry about your Hub. I've lost two jobs to bankrupting companies. Total panic followed by, "cool. free time" followed by more panic.

    Beans and rice feed 2/3 of the world. Throw an orange in there every day and y'all will be fine!

  9. I totally feel ya. Many years ago I got fired from a job, and after the initial shock I just felt relief and joy. I guess it's one of those situations in life where you need and want a change, but it's too risky for you to ever choose it voluntarily, so the cosmic forces do you the kind favor of booting your ass over the edge for you.