Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Guess who's cranky?

I know I should write an entry because it's been way too long and my last entry was way too cheerful. Things have been...not great lately and I've had a few days of really black moods, the kind of mood that reminds me of the few days of nameless rage that I get every month like clockwork.

I had my yearly girl-bits doctor appointment last week and he asked me if everything was going okay and I said yes, except for the two or three days of nameless rage that I get every month, but I'm not sure if that's me or my birth control pills. He perked up and was all, "I can give you a prescription to help with that!" Yay! I mean, who am I to say no to pharmaceuticals? yay for drugs! I realized at that appointment that I've been on the pill for eighteen years. I have no idea what I'm actually like without these delicious controlled hormones. I mean, I can't really judge my personality at age seventeen against the person I am now, so like it or lump it, I guess. Hey, at least my skin looks good.

In other news, Kate is having a yard sale this weekend (come buy our crap!) and I'm really hoping to unload some of my own junk because I am getting itchy with the amount of crap we have lying around. I told Kenny last night that I expected a big pile of stuff to sell from him and he looked me square in the face and said he didn't really have much. I stared him down until he could no longer meet my eye and told him to get a-rootin.

Last weekend we finally decided we'd had enough of the upholstered chair we'd bought a few years back, a chair that has proven to be both uncomfortable and a life project for the cat's claws. It was looking shoddy. I finally demanded that we put it on the curb and let someone else have it and I'll be dammed if some asshole didn't drive by and take just the seat cushion. No, jackass! All or nothing! God, I hate people. Who does that? It was free! Take it! Or don't! Now it's completely f'ing useless and we're hoping the garbage men will take it this morning.

Note to the guy putting up the five foot McC@in/P@alin sign in your yard to compliment the other twelve signs in your yard: Yeah, that was me giving you the stink-eye and if the election was based on who has the biggest sign, you'd totally win, douchebag. So good luck with that.


  1. I'm sorry buddy. At least your hair looks really awesome?

  2. Well isn't that just like a Republican -- neener, neener, my sign's bigger than yours! BAH.

  3. The more insecure the voter, the bigger the sign. Same reason guys get flashy cars with roaring motors. To make up for the lack.

  4. Nuvaring, baby. It's really low dose and basically free of side effects.

  5. I saw a truly alarming political sign down the street. McCain/Palin sign of course, but it had the name "SARAH" in huge curly print with an exclamation point after it. I truly wanted to run down after dark and draw a smiley face on the dot under the exclamation point, because WTF? SARAH! What is this....Marlo Thomas from "That Girl" promo?

  6. Do yourself a favor and take the drugs. Join the ranks of (us) overmedicated Americans. At least until the election is over....