Friday, March 6, 2009

Snow Day.

There's an old saying around here: Don't like the weather in Richmond? Wait ten minutes.

Last Sunday was the ten minutes I'd been waiting on for the past four years. FOUR YEARS since we had any real snow in the city, five since I had an honest-to-God snow day. It was a textbook perfect set up: the snow started Sunday late afternoon and continued all night creating a most coveted snow-filled long weekend. A mid-week snow day is fine but a Monday snow day is perfection.

For those of you gagging and rolling your eyes please understand that winter here is generally a lot of 20-40 degree temperatures with some grey sky and cold rain thrown in. It's pretty monotonous and snow is such an anomaly that we get all worked up about it. We're also wildly unprepared which is why public schools were out for most of the week. It sort of irritates me when out-of-towners sneer about our lack of snow-driving skills because how do you practice something like that? I just abstain and sit on the couch stuffing my maw while watching TV. Later I might take a nap, but who knows? You don't have to get anything done on a snow day, there are no rules.

Eventually, we decided to walk around in the snow because you have to walk around in it to really experience it. We also felt the cats needed to experience it too, so we let them out and did not heed their immediate cries of omgwtfwetpawsbackinnowNOWNOW because, hey! They asked to go out! We were just helping to make their dreams come true. Proof:

Ha, don't they look pissed? Before you feel sorry for them, just remember that they sleep 22 hours a day. Here's what our yard looked like:

And our little house:

We went for a walk around the neighborhood and took some photos:

Yay, I finally got to wear my Hunter boots!

The sweet garage behind me belongs to our neighbor Woody:

The sun was in my eyes, which is why my face looks like that. (Note to self: zip up bulgy jacket pockets. Very unattractive.)

When we got back from our walk we found a bunch of kids playing in our yard. We've never seen them before but they were having a great time so we left them to it:

Those icicles have been known to kill people!

It's supposed to be 80 degrees this weekend. Bye snow!


  1. Much the same situation in Alabama - if there is even a threat of snow, the entire population of our town descends upon the grocery stores like locusts and buys all the milk and bread. Why milk and bread? Why not?

    And a :WOOT!: to the Christmas Story reference!

  2. I love the cat pictures! Stella looks like she's planning her revenge and Fuzz looks like the snow has hurt her feelings.

  3. It looks lovely!

    I love the snow. I wish I lived in a place that got more snow.

  4. You've been MIA for 11 okay?

    Did the abominale snow monster get you?