Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday Night's Alright for...Stuff.

Sorry, I've had a lot going on lately but don't dispair! Nothing else has exploded, required great deals of money to fix or caught the swine flu lately, so things are improving. I hope. Tomorrow I thought I was just going to have a normal Saturday but my friend Paula has completely peer-pressured me into doing a bike race, which, up until last night I'd sworn I wasn't going to do, no way, no how. NO WAY, REALLY. And uh, all it took was her basically telling me I wouldn't suck in the race for me to be all, well, maybe. Fine. I'll do it. 

Hmph. And damn, am I a pushover or what? Got any fences need painting?  So yeah, that's tomorrow.

Sunday it's supposed to be back to cold and rainy, so I think I'll probably do some nothing and then maybe take a good long nap. OMG, SO EXCITING. THANK YOU FOR TELLING US THAT, LOSER. 

Sorry, I'll try to be more interesting soon.


  1. "Loser?"

    Oh, I think not.

  2. Yeah, you are SUCH a slacker...what with bike racing and everything.

    Lions make life more interesting...Just sayin'.