Friday, May 22, 2009


It's Friday! And the long weekend approaches! I don't have a lot planned, but I do hope to get some good relaxing time in. Some sitting and doing nothing time. Right now I'm in a pretty good mood. I just ate a cupcake, so there's that. And my luck seems to be turning: we closed on our refi, nothing has broken or exploded and oh, that bike race last weekend? 2nd place! I didn't even train for it. I did, however, suffer for it, as you can read for yourself if you care to. 

I'm sorry I've been so bad about updating but there's just so much going on. Last weekend was an unusually social one for us. Saturday morning we got up and moseyed down to the local farmer's market, which I hadn't actually ever been to because I'm always at the gym on Saturday mornings like a good little robot. 

Kenny has some old friends who have a farm and were there selling honey and homemade goat cheese. We bought some honey and also a loaf of bread and then dragged ourselves down to Brown's Island to register for the race. Then we went home, changed and got on our bikes and rode back. Race race race, ride home (bad idea, by the way. Even if you do live a few miles away from the course, don't ride down to the race because you will NOT want to ride home.) We had a late lunch and then I went to hang out with Kate for a while. We had important bead business to attend to and gossip to relay. 

Saturday evening we went and hung out with some of our mountain bike friends, one of whom had just graduated. Congrats, Jay! All weekend thunderstorms had been predicted, but the weather was perfect and we spent the evening in their back yard, eating and talking.  Eating and talking. Eating and talking. It was really fun and the most social we'd been in a while. No TV involved! 

SLEEP. Sunday was rainy and I was glad. We puttered and I played with my fabulous new secondhand iPhone, a gift from our friend Richard. It has a cracked screen so he upgraded and I was delighted to take the old one off his hands. I probably won't actually sign up for phone service, instead I'm just digging it's wifi capabilities. Internet in the grocery store! Internet in my kitchen! EMAIL ALL THE TIME. The other night Kenny and I were simultaneously TV-watching and interneting, he on his laptop, me on my iPhone. Happy as nerdy little clams. I know. 

Have a good weekend!


  1. Glad you're back!

    Having an actual life is a better excuse than most of us have for not posting!

  2. who are your friends that make goat cheese? Is it delicious and can I come pet the goats?