Wednesday, May 6, 2009


So, perhaps you remember April:

- $1,400 car repair. (Okay, technically this was in March, but I'm lumping it in.)

- Emergency root canal

Add to that a really sad funeral. And then I got sick and then we paid taxes. April sucked it real hard, but here comes May, right? Right? Go May!

Meet May:

- My department at work is moved into a smaller, windowless office space. Now, instead of my nice wooden desk I'm in a cube with my back to the room. To say this makes me twitchy would be an understatement.

- Worst Craft Show Ever, in which it rains (both days), we sell almost nothing, and a crazy person yells at me. This is the show where we normally make large buckets of cash, so when people took shelter from the rain in our tent and stood with their backs to us, we knew we were in big trouble. (Just FYI: it's really very rude to stand in someone's tent and not at least pretend to look at what they're selling.)

- Kenny calls me (while at the craft show of doom) because his truck died in a parking lot. And it's for real dead, completely dead-dead not just "dead." 

- It's rained every single stupid day for the past week. 

I know what you're thinking, I do. You're not thinking, "Oh, that poor, sweet dear!" No, you're backing away slowly thinking, "that is just some effed up shit and she is clearly cursed and probably also have that pig flu. Get away from me, witch."

And it's okay, I would do the same if I were not me and were instead someone else who doesn't have the WORST LUCK EVER.


  1. OH you poor sweet dear. There's nowhere to go but up now.

  2. MaryB down the hallMay 6, 2009 at 3:59 PM

    And yet ... and yet ... and yet she manages to post to her blog at work at 1:21 pm.

    One wonders, does one not?

  3. Damn. I hope the $1400 car repair wasn't on the truck. I had a car once that I sank about a thousand dollars in repairs into, and it went belly up a month later. That's how things usually seem to go.

  4. At least you've got your health. JESUS - it's raining AGAIN!

  5. No, the $1,400 was my car.

    Claudia, did you not see the part about how I got sick and also a root canal? Not healthy!

  6. I was kidding. DUH. I mean, you have your health NOW. I think a trip to Baltimore with mom is just what you need to get you out of your funk.

  7. If I go to Baltimore I'll lose my mental health...what's left of it anyway.

  8. Sorry to hear of all your crap lately Adrien. If you ever want to come over and drink, give us a holler.

  9. Oh, I'm sorry Adrien! I feel your pain, as my May is also off to a craptastic start. All I want to do is sit around a cry. Hope things start going better for you, too.

  10. Just make sure to take very quiet steps so the bad luck won't wake up again. I'm not superstitious--really!

  11. If ever anyone needed to burn some sage, it's you, honey.

    Get thee to the herb aisle - stat!