Friday, November 12, 2010

Forgive me.

I know, dude. I KNOW. This is ridiculous that I'm even admitting I do this but sometimes when I'm bored I go back a few years and read old entries just to find out where my brain was in, say, 2007. And then I read this entry and started snort-laughing at my desk because that shit is FUNNY.

Then I remembered I wrote it and felt like a jerk for being all, I'M SO AWESOMELY FUNNY.

But, sometimes I am.

Reading all my posts from November 2007 (when I did NaBloPoMo) makes me really miss my old Amblus scrawls. While I don't know that I have a daily entry in me, I do promise to try to update in a more timely manner and to more often share the weird crap that happens to me. You guys still out there?


  1. Yes, I'd ask you why you stopped writing but then I have no room to talk. So never mind.

  2. "Flanneled cobra" is now MY favorite blog-comment of all time. Holy toledo ... that's just inspired.

  3. Damnit, there goes my surprise Christmas present for you. I thought maybe 3 years was long enough to forget.