Thursday, June 7, 2007

Wait, Did I Really Just Say "Frak"?

Oh, Paris. I don't think "my hair looks all yucky without extensions" really counts as a medical condition. I'm actually surprised how disappointed I am that they let her out so early. It was like a controlled Spoiled Heiress Experiment, you know? What would come out of that jail after 23 days? How would her insanely stupid world-view have changed? Would she immediately start collecting third world orphans? Now we'll NEVER KNOW. Shit. This ruins everything!

Moving on, can I just say how much I love television? I love it so much. We just started watching Battlestar Galactica and I am completely hooked. It's like Next Generation but without the cheese. We've only watched the pilot miniseries and I am dying to start in on disc two. Palinode once told me that I was clearly a science fiction fan and I hotly denied it. Then I took a look at my list of favorite books and TV shows and I guess I can, um, see where he's coming from. (Sorry, Aidan, you were right.)

And! Season 3 of Rescue Me is out on DVD so I have that to look forward to as well. It's an insanely misogynistic show, but somehow I keep watching it because Denis Leary cracks me up. All of the characters are so unforgiveable and pathetic and I can't...stop...watching.

Finally, Kathy Griffin's My Life on the D List just started it's third season and I am ALL OVER THAT. I love her to pieces and her new standup act is hilarious. What can I say? I love a catty redhead.

In non-televised fun (wha?) I give you my friend Noah's new project: Skull-A-Day in which he makes a new skull out of whatever every single day. I'm impressed so far, I gotta say. I'm also enjoying Mim's Art Blog and can't get enough of the little shelf. Go look at the shelf! It's really a cool random project.


  1. Oh, lady, I'm so glad you're feeling the Battlestar love. I can't wait 'til you get all caught up and I can geek-talk about it with you

  2. I haven't yet seen Rescue Me, but I'm going to have to check it out. Dennis Leary was on Terry Gross/Fresh Air today and he was hilarious.

  3. Kathy Griffin is my favorite too!

  4. Ha ha! You be a sci-fi fan, arrr. I guess I be a pirate for some reason. Battlestar Galactica only gets better after the pilot, so say we all.

  5. Hey, hope you're still reading me over yonder. Anyway, I need to email you re: Richmond, VA. It's smedindy AT gmail DOT com.


  6. So glad you're on board with Galactica!

  7. What the frak?! You're in for some sci-fi awsomeness! And some sci-fi hotness for sure...there are also some webisodes between the last two seasons that you need to watch when you get to that point. Rescue Me is one of the best written shows on tv...the characters are so REAL that you just love to hate them (or vice versa, in my case).
    I love my tv friends...