Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Big Glowing Box of Plenty

The best thing about fall, the very best thing, is all the new television. It's like Christmas (at least until all my new favorites get cancelled) in big glowing box form. Shiny fun new shows! Something new to watch every night! It's all very exciting. This week we've watched:

Chuck. Oh, man, I really love a nerd/spy combo and this one is great because it's got all the nerdy spy-y goodness without taking itself too seriously. It's sweetly funny and clever and what show could suck that has a character called Captain Awesome? It's not just because he says "awesome" a lot but because he is awesome. Group hug? Awesome.

Heroes. It seemed good. We haven't actually seen the first season yet so I wasn't really sure exactly what was going on but then Sark/Krychek (pretty much the same character, lets be honest. Please see above comment about nerd/spy joy) showed up and I was in. IN.

Bones. Eh. This is a show that I like but don't care if I miss an episode. Basically a vehicle for Boreanaz goodness. Yeah, shut up.

Reaper. I liked this! It has a good "Dead Like Me" premise and is really fun to watch. Not quite as sharp as Chuck but it's sort of unfair to compare the two.

Tonight is the premiere of The Bionic Woman which I'm watching mainly because Battlestar's Katee Sackhoff is in it. Also, why not? It sure beats doing the dishes. Tomorrow night is My Name is Earl and The Office which makes me want to wet myself with excitement, sincerely.

I really do love my television even if it tends to break my heart. Every year a new favorite is cancelled and I swear I'll never fall for it again but I always do. I still hold a flame for Keen Eddie because that one hurt the worst. (Wow, that was how long ago? Four years? I am a champion grudge-holder apparently.)


  1. You need to watch the Sarah Silverman show on Comedy Central. New season starts next week. Tues 10:30pm. It's worth staying up late for.

  2. I love Reaper and Chuck! They're great, Bionic Woman was ok, i'll give it a few more weeks. I can't believe you didn't watch Heros last year!! I'm over Earl, but love 30 Rock!

  3. I didn't watch Heroes last year because it came on opposite something else we watch. This wouldn't be an issue if SOMEONE would agree that we need a DVR.

  4. Ahh, love it. I started watching Bones this season solely for the Boreanaz factor and although the show isn't all that good, I know full well I'm going to tune in every damned week nonetheless. ANGEL.

  5. that beOnic ladee is fast!

  6. Some one else needs to save all their change for a year and buy a DVR themselves (that's what I did last year! ) ;)