Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Maybe I should check in my purse.

Yesterday was so incredibly stupid. The stupid began when I was driving to work and looked down to see that my brake light was on. You know, it's never a good feeling when you're speeding down the road and your car suddenly mentions, "hey, I think the brakes might be busted. Just a possibility!"

At first I thought I'd left the parking brake on but after pulling the release lever eight or twenty times and discovering that didn't make the stupid light go off, I gave up and decided that my brakes were busted. Oh, shit. Except they weren't of course. The light eventually went out and then came back on a few times like it was jumping out to say boo or something.

After arriving at work safely I immediately got on the Internets (the absolutely best way to get completely accurate information) and discovered that I probably just needed brake fluid. Or, my brake pads were about to completely fall off. You know, one or the other. No biggie.

Brake fluid fixed it, though, so fingers crossed that my brake pads aren't also worn down to nubs. The stupid continued later when I had to go BACK to work last night to attend a really not necessary meeting/packet pickup for the upcoming on-campus craft show. Now, I've done shows. I know how it works and I know what I need to know. Mostly, they send you a piece of paper or three that has all the helpful information right there in writing.

Oh, but not this show! For this one I had to sit (or duck and cover in case frienemy showed up) and be told that a) I could not bring my dog, and b) if I chose an outside space I'd be setting up, wait for it, outside, and c) here was my name tag and if I thought I couldn't manage to hold onto it for the two weeks until the show they'd be happy to do that for me. I should mention that all this information was in the packet they handed me with my name spelled wrong all over it. I WORK HERE and they didn't get it right. The only thing not in the packet was the show hotline number which they mentioned a few times but didn't actually give us. le sigh.


  1. We must raise an army of plastic robot skull pens and have them swarm all over your place of work! And mine! And your frienemy! And my wife's! That is supa krazy insane that you WORK there and they are all bajiggity like that. Wrong name on top of it all. The angry swarm of skullz shall beat them all into submission!!!!

    I've done that stupid parking brake thing before to the point where there was no parking brake left, glad it ended up it was just fluid you needed.

  2. But Adrian, you need to know that if you choose a space located on the lawn that that would be outside. This is vital information for the seasoned crafter.

  3. no, not me too. Just kidding! You oh so corrected me once when we first met, so neva again. :)

  4. Duh, sorry! Of course you were kidding! I've totally lost my sense of humor this week.