Monday, September 24, 2007

Tomorrow: Cancelled Due to Lack of Interest.

I'm starting to wind down from the crazy, I think. Last week was the first time I actually thought I might need some kind of pharmaceuticals to help me be sane or at least tame my anxiety. It was awful - I couldn't turn off my brain at all and I kept obsessing over everything that was bothering me, filling in the vague with details of my own design which is not good. It was Kenny that pointed that part out - that I don't handle vagueness well at all and have a tendency to replace the unknown with my own projections. This is a bad solution, kids, I really don't recommend it. Anyway, I'm feeling a bit better and more level and had a decent weekend, mostly. I did a little shopping, some cooking and some mountain biking. I had my younger sister and her boyfriend over for dinner, which was fun. That's about it for the weekend.

One other thing I want to mention before I go. My name. It's Adrien. Note the "en" at the end. My name is not: Adrian, Adrienne, Adriene, Adrianne, or Adriane. It's ADRIEN. I've had it misspelled at least once a week for my entire freaking life and I'm tired of it. In the past week it's been spelled "Adrian" on three different occasions, all by people I know.

It's such a small thing to learn, I think. Lets all work on it.


  1. I am terribly sorry because I'm sure I've misspelled your name before, I do always try to check it against my address entry for you just in case my brain is malfunctioning.

    I completely hear you on the ridiculousness of salary crap. It wasn't that long ago I was told I'd reached my ceiling and would be going no further. Thanks employer for that great motivation!

  2. I hear you on the name rage. Constant misspellings and mispronunciations are the main reasons why I just started going by KB, and people still manage to mess that up. Now I hear/see people misspelling/mispronouncing McKenna's name (MaKinna) and I'm afraid she'll have to endure a life of name-frustration as well.