Thursday, November 1, 2007

It's gonna BLOW UP, Y'ALL.

I suddenly got a wildly Halloween candy-induced urge to make the internets blow up by posting every goddamn day in November. WHY WOULD I DO THAT.

The kitty told me too. And maybe it'll net me some COMMENTS AROUND HERE. Because sheesh, I open up my soul to you bitches and I get nothing back so then I'm reduced to groveling for your approval. I don't know why I need it so much.

Since there's a giant kitty up there I guess I should tell you what's going on with my cats. Something strange happened recently in that it got chilly out and all of a sudden the girls are real friendly-like. They are very pushy about the laps and very insistent that they need to be in your lap right this second and oh, I'm sorry, were you eating? Can I have some of your food while I sit here in your lap? Can you just drop a fry in my mouth? No? Whynotwhynotwhynotttttt.

Wait, that was pretty much just Fuzz who does that. Zephyr is mildly interested in food but mostly just wants to be in Kenny's lap. I don't think she's ever so much as looked at my lap even though I saved her from an untimely death and raised her myself. Stella couldn't care less what you're eating (unless it's tuna steak) and also has no lap interest except when the moon is three quarters full in odd months and it's also Tuesday. She's such a bizarre cat. She'll talk your ear off but get offended if you try to pet her. Or, she'll settle comfortably near you and welcome petting with sweet purring until she wants you to stop, which you'll know because her eyes will begin to glow red and she'll razor her paw at your throat.

Pets are so enriching to our lives, aren't they?


  1. Do you get fewer comments now that you've left d-land? Same amount of readers or fewer? Inquiring minds want to know... Also, know that even when I don't comment I still think you're funny.

  2. I would say more readers, less comments. I think the higher number of hits is from being linked to my friend's Skull-A-Day website. I don't know if I've actually gained readers from that or just get more click-through action.

  3. I have figured it out now: Juliette is really a cat in disguise. She's all about the lap. Especially when I'm trying to eat dinner.

  4. The stray kitter that hangs around my neighborhood is exactly like Stella. She'll come running towards you, meowing her head off, then the minute you bend over and try to pet her she steps away.

    Goddamn tease.

  5. Yay for blowing up the internet (and posting daily)!