Friday, February 22, 2008

Grocery Store List.

I haven't been posting my list lately because I keep running into the same people. Last week was mostly the same (That Guy, Robert) though I did run into my mom's best friend, and, while she's nice, she doesn't really make for a great blog entry. Tonight was pretty good though. I went to my usual local grocery chain store to do the big shopping for the week and saw the following:

That Guy, as documented a few weeks ago.

Bobbi, this woman I know from the gym. She's nice enough but I get a really weird vibe off of her that I can't quite place. She's just a little awkward and therefore makes me awkward. She and I exchanged polite hellos and then we both were sort of, well, awkward about what to do next. We both continued to shop. Thankfully.

Douglas, who I worked with years ago at a gift shop in Carytown. It was a pretty awful job in a lot of ways, one of which involved the owners who were a gay couple on the verge of breakup. This does not make for a relaxing work atmosphere, let me tell you. Douglas was (still is?) the manager and he and I got along great. I still see him around, mostly at the gym.

That's it for that store. After I loaded up the groceries I drove across the street to get booze, as the local chain doesn't carry it. The Kroger is the "cool" store. If you want to run into a bunch of hipsters or perhaps your ex boyfriend from college, that is the store to frequent. I was in there all of ten seconds when I ran into:

Kevin, an old friend of ours. My favorite Kevin story involves an ad Kenny placed in the trading post to sell his old truck. Kevin saw the ad, recognized our number, and prank called me. I answered the phone and he pretended to be a cranky old man, asking me question after question about the truck that I didn't know how to answer. He had me going for nearly 20 minutes.


Finally I asked if I could take his name and number and when he gave me his first and last name I think I screamed and hung up on him. And later retaliated by putting a Spice Girls sticker on his car. Hmph.

Two seconds after I started chatting with Kevin he looked over and said, "Hey, there's Brandon!" Brandon is Kenny's best friend and also the person who more or less introduced us. The three of us (and Brandon's daughter) had a nice jaw and then I bought my booze and came home. The end.

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