Monday, March 17, 2008

My Misery is Your Milkshake

Thanks Palinode, for the awesome title. Unfortunately I don't have much misery to stuff in your gaping pie-hole as there wasn't much to be had this weekend. It was pretty good overall! The party on Saturday was fine except that I seem to have completely lost the art of conversation. I'd be doing pretty well for a while and then the people i was chatting with would edge away leaving me completely alone and feeling sort of foolish. That kind of thing makes me miss smoking because at least I'd have something to do besides glance around wildly trying to make eye contact and not look crazy. Shit, even my husband was edging away from me! I mean, sure, maybe he wanted to talk to someone else for a change, but couldn't he see I was floundering?

I had one really really really awkward conversation with a nice woman introduced to me by the host, who then left to see someone off. Neither of us had a common thread to go on other than,

"How do you know the host?"

"Through mutual friends. They were in a band together. How about you?"

"Oh, through work."


. . .

. . .

Then we both just stood there, eyes darting around wildly as the awkward pause enveloped us both and the pause grew too long to be saved because it was really obvious that neither of us could think of a thing to say and then finally she snapped and skittered off to find a drink, probably so she could drink away the AWKWARD CLOUD OF AWKWARDNESS. Jesus. It was awful. I think the trick is to get loaded before you go to the party so that all that over-thinking best-behavior stuff is LONG GONE before you hit the roomful of people you don't know.

After that conversation it got better and I relaxed and we had a really good time. We also got peer-pressured into doing a mountain bike time trial the next day, something neither of us were planning on. Me, especially, considering I've ridden my bike maybe twice in the past month. A little sprint race, you say? Why CERTAINLY. I will probably be posting a half-assed recap on my other blog any second now. Wait for it.


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  2. You get the Verb of the Day Award!

    "Skittered." Perfect descriptive verb. More people should use "skittered."


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