Friday, March 28, 2008

Dangerous Mood.

That's what I'm in today. I was fine and it's Friday and all, so that's good. Then I got an email from my stepmother with the contact information for where she and my father will be staying in PARIS. THIS WEEKEND. I should also mention that my mother, aunt and cousins are going to Paris in May. Guess who's not going to Paris? If you guessed me, you are just so smart. One of those bitches better bring me some macarons or there is going to be a temper tantrum of MONUMENTAL proportions. There will be snot and tears and gum stuck in my hair.

On the bright side, I just today received word that my bathroom walls are finished. Beautiful creamy white plaster, all smooth and crack-free! Yay for that! We wised up and hired someone to make it beautiful so I could paint without having chunks of wall fall on my head.

It's not Paris, but it's something.

I guess.


  1. We should start a Not Going to Europe Club. There will be a lot of bitching at the meetings.

  2. I'm not going to Paris! And I think if they bring anything back, it's going to be something that she thinks I like... that I don't.

  3. I would like to be the president of the NGtEC. That would be the best club, ever! Locally.

    Molly, your comment actually made me LOL.

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  5. Damn, what did Molly say? I want to be a member of that club!