Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Stimulating Talk About the Weather

This morning it rained. Yesterday it rained. Sunday it rained. Last weekend, it rained. This shit has got to stop because when you pair seasonal dysfunction with my own fine brand of hormonal dysfunction you get a very, very scary situation. Yesterday when trying to drive quickly to get to the gym in time for a 5:30pm cycling class I actually caught myself giving the finger to a raindrop that dared to land on my windshield. And if I could have reached through that windshield and pushed the other cars out of my way, I probably would have.

I pretty much lost my mind after I got to the gym, changed real fast, made a dash to the bathroom and, when I headed for one of the three sinks to wash my hands, some girl neatly cut me off to take the only open sink. I really almost throttled her. Instead, I channeled my rage into a little tap-dance of impatience which made everyone look at me like I was crazy. Hey girls, guess what? I AM. AND CRAZY WANTS TO WASH HER DAMN HANDS SO MOVE.

Yes, I am that girl, thank you.

Spinning class was incredibly productive because I had lots and lots of angry energy to spin out of my system but also still had plenty of inner-snark regarding a bitchy girl I used to go to high school with who has the worst cycling form of all time. (I mean, damn girl, you sure can spin those pedals but you might want to try some of that there resistance so that you're actually doing something.) By the time I got home I pretty much wanted to crawl into a corner with a chocolate bar in one hand and a bottle of wine in the other. I could clearly see myself hissing at anyone who approached while stroking the wine bottle and calling it my precious. Instead I made a healthy dinner that was not fried (EVEN THOUGH I WANTED IT TO BE) and dutifully had half a glass of wine.

I'm feeling just fine today, by the way. In case you're scared of me or something. Also, I've updated my bike blog recently, so go take a look and quit bitching about it.


  1. Awww, poor you! I hate those days. ((((flipping off raindrops))))

    And it'll take a lot more than that to scare me.

  2. I've totally had those days. Dude, I'm impressed with you making healthy dinner- usually at that point I'm like 'fuck it'.