Friday, May 23, 2008

Fine. Be that way.

What's up? So, what happened that I went from righteously wronged to crazy shrill bitch? I went from getting ten comments to getting no comments. Was I wrong about not wanting to pay for cucumbers I didn't actually purchase? Hmph. I forgive you, but don't let it happen again.

Anyway, it's nigh upon a holiday weekend! I'm very happy about this even though I'll be spending some of it priming the hall and bathroom. Eventually I might actually paint that shit. One day it might just happen. Things have been pretty good around here except for our adventures in trying to get off the bubbling crude. Oil, that is. We have oil heat and that shit is crazy expensive. Who's looking at $1,000 a month for heat this winter? That would be us.

So, we decided to forget about ever having nice furniture and get a heat pump instead, especially since our central air unit is on it's last legs. The first estimate was got was in the neighborhood of $5,000. Holy shit. That seemed like a lot. So we call another company, a reputable nationally-known company. The guy came out and gave us another estimate - $12,000 and change. Well, fantastic. Guess which one we're going with?

Now, writing all that just smacked of work so here's a little distraction for you in case you're working too hard or something.

If you aren't checking out Nataliedee on a daily basis you are missing out. Like, totally. Her comics are pretty much everything a comic should be.

And why aren't you checking out Vintage Microwave every day? You should be. Also, please don't show that website to my mom because she has some weird affliction where she thinks all her old crap is priceless and rare. I've told her more than once that old does not necessarily equal antique (and eBay has pretty much ruined "rare" for both old and antique stuffs) but she thinks all her broke-down old shit is just a goldmine and I'll bet she'll feel the same way about other people's broke-down old shit, but who can say. eh, maybe not. She's a hoarder, but selective. (Sorry mom, I love you but it's true.)

And for a great everyday people person blog, try Streaks on the China. Sara is awesome and I completely envy her magical eye for cool estate sale finds.

Alright then! Why don't you leave me a comment and tell me about your favorite blog or website? I need entertaining.


  1. Oh my god, aren't you sweet! I feel the same way about you.

    Maybe all your readers thought you were making up the cucumber thing because, seriously, who in real life is that rude? We were all thinking, let's let Amblus workshop her screenplay about insanely rude people in peace, without all those annoying comments to distract her.

  2. Well, you know I read VM every day. So there. And, yes, I think of mom every time I do. Especially the attitude of doing people a favor by giving them your precious broke shit and not even helping to load a 1,000 lb hideous sofa into a truck. And the piles of rubble. And the things that people want to give to "a good cause" IE, the dump.

  3. Vintage Microwave has been added to my list of websites to check every day. It's fantastic, so thanks!

  4. See, I almost left a comment on the previous entry because I suffer from no-comment paranoia myself. But then I didn't want to be the semi-stranger who leaves comments at the drop of a hat. Ah, the politics of blogging. The politics of oooh, feeling good.

  5. Another interesting blog to check out is The writer is a YA fan and a librarian, but she has a wry sense of humor a bit like yours.