Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I Feel Like I Should Whisper This...

But I had an outstanding weekend. We didn't go anywhere or do anything out of the ordinary, it was just a perfect, at-home weekend. We slept in, we ate too much, we worked in the garden, we mountain biked, we watched dumb movies, we hung out with friends. Just your average awesome long weekend. Oh, and the weather was glorious, which didn't hurt.

Photographic evidence:

(This one cracks me up. Every time I ride past it I think about the beaver who worked all day chewing through this tree trunk before looking up and being all, "Well, shit." Then of course I had to have a go. Delicious!)

Not pictured: Monday morning I was sitting on the couch watching the B-52s on TV when Stella hopped up next to me all, "Heeeeey, nothing to see here." I looked over and noticed a TAIL sticking out of her mouth. I shrieked, she dropped the chipmunk and it took off like a tiny furry rocket. Kenny (who's an experienced chipmunk wrangler) went into action and we were on the floor in the dining room with shoe boxes at hand. I ALMOST had the chipmunk before it cut left under my hand and went....under the refrigerator.

Now, I'm going to pause here and tell you that if you're one of those people (like me) who've never bothered to pull the fridge away from the wall, you should probably sit down. It. Is. Horrifying. I had no idea the sheer density that undisturbed dust can take on, especially when it's coating wires and fans and cords and cables that you're trying to see around in order to find a tiny rodent. Horrifying.

Anyway, Kenny got the brilliant idea to shoot compressed air from a can under the fridge to scare out our little friend. He got behind the fridge and I lay in front of it, shoot shoot shooting air. Seconds later a tiny fuzzy face looked out at me and I panicked and shot that poor guy with compressed air RIGHT IN THE SNOOT. Sorry little dude!

He finally made a run for it and headed for the doorway down to the laundry nook. He did a flying banzai leap over the two stairs and dove under the dryer. We left the outside door open all day and (hopefully) he made it out to freedom.

ADVENTURE. Right here! Who needs to leave the house? Not us.


  1. Mmm...blackberries.

    I imagined the chipmunk as a cartoon while reading your story. For some reason.

  2. Eek! Chipmunkery in the house! I hope he got out but beware of retaliation from his chipmunk posse.

  3. Yeah, those blackberries look delicious! Because I'm not a beaver.