Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Internet Dork Camp, IV

I got up early on Thursday with the intention of leaving super-early. That never actually works out for me, but I always fall for it. I ate breakfast and packed up the car with my suitcase, books on tape, road snacks and pounds of bulk candy. I gassed up and headed for Knoxville half an hour later than I meant to. Only 400ish miles away!

I spent a fair amount of time during the morning torturing myself with the snacks. Was 9am too early for candy? How about 9:15? 9:20? I think I managed to hold off until 10:30 before I cracked.

The trip was pretty uneventful, but, as promised, I stopped for lunch at Dude's:

It was definitely worth the (very small) detour and was much much tastier than your average fast food. Back on the road I almost crashed trying to take a photo of a vanity plate that read BLEZZED. I did get a photo but it didn't come out very well. Actually, most of my photos look like shit - when uploaded them that there was a giant fingerprint smudge on the lens. Soft focus! But only on the left side! Luckily Marianne has a really nice camera and agreed to let me steal a bunch of her photos for blog usage.

I arrived safely in Knoxville and spent the next four days being a complete lump of lazy, lazy ass. It was fantastic. There were five of us, a whole lot of food and booze, and a really cute boat. We were set.

I love that we're all readers and spent lots of quality time together reading:

And eating, playing games, and sitting on our asses:

We also read a grand selection of tabloids which we'd pass around the table when we were finished. Watching each person's reaction to this photo of Matt Damon was pretty funny, if watching your friend's hearts being broken one at a time could be considered funny. Oh, Matt. WHY.

We spent a lot of time on the boat, drinking, running into debris, taking turns driving, swimming, floating, laughing at the bevy small panicked boys being towed on a ski weenie. Overheard:


Awesome! It's more fun if you yell it in a high-pitched voice to someone standing nearby.

We napped, we played games, we drank, we read, we got punchy. Our friend Meg sent some super-creepy clown toothpick things so we made sure they got in on the action:

Just to be consistent, we blew out the bathroom again. (Or, rather, I did.)

And since certain husbands keep asking, DUH. OF COURSE WE HAD PILLOW FIGHTS.

And then the glorious weekend was over. But, I had a whole week off with my husband to look forward to, and that was great too. Now I'm back to my real life, with its desk job and portion control. le sigh.

I miss you guys.


  1. Mmmm...looks like the perfect vacation.

  2. Aww, super creepy clown toothpicks. That might try to skewer you in the middle of the night.

    I wish I could have been there!

  3. Wow, official t-shirts and everything! I'm jealous.

  4. It's for a movie role! Matt would never do that on purpose.

  5. Oh, I know! But still. What movie is worth that?

  6. Evey year I'm jealous of camp. It looks like a ton of fun!