Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I'm Going The Distance.

I'm at the vacation starting gate and I'm waiting waiting waiting waiting for that bell to ding. WAITING FOR THE DING.

Tomorrow at this time I'll be halfway to Knoxville for the 4th annual Internet Dork Camp. This isn't real camp or even "camp" (in the way of "bible" or "science"), instead it's a bunch of cool women, a lake cabin, and a LOT of booze. Fun will be had by all! I'm so excited I'm about to pee myself.

Last year's camp adventures were documented here and here and the year before can be found here. JELUS? You should be, it's awesome. Here's the cabin:

RIGHT? Glorious! God, I am so antsy and ready to get out of here and start packing and stuff. Speaking of packing, it's a pretty long drive from Richmond to Knoxville and a long drive requires a lot of stuff. Stuff like:

- a full iPod
- books on tape
- candy
- non-candy snacks
- bottled water
- a stack of CDs for when I use up my iPod
- did I mention candy?

Last year during the drive I wanted something decent for lunch so I held out and kept driving until I was ready to chew my own arm off. I finally admitted defeat and stopped at the world's grossest Burger King. Never again! This year I wised up and checked out for somewhere more fabulous to eat. And I found it, y'all. Dude's Drive In. I KNOW. Roadside manna! I'm going to take pictures and document the whole experience, just for you.

So, that's all for now. I'm leaving tomorrow morning and will be back next Monday, chock full of Dork Camp tales.



  1. Have fun! I, too, am waiting for the ding.

  2. You are going to have an amazing time and I am jelus!

    Dude's looks deeeelicious.

  3. Do you realize how closely that photo resembles the one I took of Juliette a while back when she picked up my empty beer bottle? Must run in the family or something. I won't say, "have fun" 'cause I know you will anyway.

  4. Drive safely, I can't wait to see you!!!1!

  5. Aww, I wish I could be there (not that I was ever invited or anything but maybe because I'm a couple thousand miles away?) Tell everyone I said hi and drink a shot for me. Have fun!

  6. HUUUUBBA! I don't know if your picture is more boozilicious or bootylicious!! Have one or two (bottles) for me!