Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Last Wednesday I spent one of the happiest hours of my week out riding with my friend Nina. I think I posted before about the Super Happy Fun Time I had the last time we went out and now I'm going to be going twice a month. Even though I'm now apparently allergic to horses (or hay or something farm-y) and break out into welts by the time I get home, the experience is worth it's weight in Benedryl. It totally is so AWEWSSOEMmMme. Totally. I took my camera with me last week and took pictures and everything. I really wish I was a better, more patient photographer, but whatever, you get what you get.

The riding part is fun, but the best part is just being around the horses. We get to fetch them out of the field, brush them, saddle them up and last week we gave our horses baths afterwards. It is all so sastisfying.

Okay, enough blather, on with the pictures!

barn cat:

My man Ticket, waiting to be groomed:

Look how happy we are! From left to right: Hershey, Nina, Me, Ticket:

Ticket looks grumpy, but he's a sweet fellow.

Here's Nina with Hershey after our ride:

The view from the barn:

Nina walking Hershey out after his bath:

This is what happens when you don't bring enough carrots for everyone:

Bye Ticket! See you in two weeks.

The End.


  1. Maybe you're allergic to Fresh Air?!?

  2. I came to contribute some cash to your pony fund, but there was no paypal button...

  3. I just fixed that! HELP ME BUY A PONY, PEOPLE.

  4. God, I love that you are riding!

    I might get to go myself this weekend, we just found a ranch nearby that has riding and BBQs. Hell yeah.

  5. Has someone not made the obvious pun? You've got a ticket to ride!