Thursday, July 31, 2008

Fun with Mind Control.

I have been super extra-curricular girl this week. On top of my usual gym-going I've also had a riding lesson (awwwwssssome!) and been taking a course in meditation. The second part of the course is tonight and I'm really looking forward to it. It has been SO much more interesting than I expected it to be, despite the fact that I have to sit next to Shirley, and aged chain-smoker with a deep phlegmy cough. Shirley enjoys muttering responses to rhetorical questions, a habit I find punch-worthy. She's friendly though and manages to keep the coughing under check when we meditate, unlike Cathy across the aisle who's cellphone went off TWICE during the abundance meditation. if I come up lacking in abundance I'm going to know who to blame.

So, did you know you can send out broadcast telepathic messages? Like, you can put yourself in an alpha stage and come up with a little speech to attract customers and then decide you will wake up in the middle of the night at a time when those customers are having their last dream or are most open to suggestion. When that happens you mentally project your little commercial out in the universe and then go back to sleep. Seriously, it's brilliant. And a little crazy. But I did actually did it the other night, so if you wake up one morning with a burning desire to buy my jewelry, you'll know why, chump.

Of course, we also learned some relaxation and personal-problem-solving meditations, so it wasn't all about making me rich, though I certainly do like that part of it. The guy who's teaching the course is really interesting and has done past-life regressions which I find fascinating. He told us about some of his past lives and then finished with, "but I'm not really sure I believe in them." Um, dude? You were just a few minutes telling me how to attract business telepathically. Why are you being all squirrelly about past lives? I mean, he PERFORMS path life regression, so he has to think there's some validity to it. I'm totally going to ask him about that tonight. I want answers!


  1. Oh, that's so awesome. How jealous I am. I'd love to have someone do past life regression on me. And possibly Juliette because - damn, if anyone's had an interesting series of past lives, it's her.

  2. I'm afraid of what I would find out about my past lives--standing in snow pushing out babies in the fields. But, hey, I'd love to hear about other people's past lives!