Thursday, September 4, 2008

Some reasons why you might be annoying me.

1. you think I want to hear your overly loud conversation

2. you God bless me

3. you have a McC@in sticker on you car

4. you say "knocka-knocka!" instead of actually knocking

5. your keys are extra jingly

6. you whistle in public

7. you ask me if the snack I'm eating is my "snack of choice"

8. you are eating yogurt with a plastic spoon

9. you smoke clove cigarettes

10. you love that the new VP pick is "just like me!"

A few people did my lame meme! Yay!

The Lass


Fresh Hell


  1. Whoa, whoa, whoa. What else are you supposed to use to eat yogurt?

  2. Chopsticks? Fork? Knife? No, those won't work. Pour it directly into mouth? Guess I'll keep using a spoon, good thing I only see you once a year and we don't eat yogurt.

  3. You are a telemarketer.
    You walk into my office where I am clearly working and ask me if I'm busy.
    You tell me to have a "blessed day".
    You are my uterus.

    ps. Count me among the baffled by the yogurt comment. Spork? Levitation? How do YOU do it?

  4. I love you guys. Sorry! I left out the word PLASTIC. Plastic spoon! It makes this horrible scrape-y noise against the yogurt container.

  5. Someone I know from college recently updated their facebook status to something about Palin and it was pretty much what you posted. All it did was serve as a reminder that I didn't like her much to start with, clearly for a good reason.

    Fuck, does that even make sense. Brain function is low today, more coffee.

  6. Ohhhh ok. I do eat my yogurt with a plastic spoon but I am very careful not to scrape-scrape-scrape the inside of the container because I know my co-worker has a "thing" about it, caused by my other co-worker who scrapes his yogurt containers like it's going out of style.