Friday, September 5, 2008

Stuff I love.

Tana French. Read In The Woods. Then read The Likeness. Then curl up in a ball and weep like a baby because you can't write like that. Then wait with baited breath for the next installment. They are really that good. SO GOOD.

Terget pannies. No, really. They are cute, a little retro, comfortable, non-itchy, and CHEAP. Suck on it, Nordstrom.

Vampire Weekend. I just bought this album (I know, like, years after every 15 year old in the world) and I'm only four songs in but it makes me grin with reggae-esque happiness. It's such good pop music and I'm super-picky about my pop.

Krisatomic. Her website is like candy, her cat is freaking adorable, she has REALLY cute shoes and is a swell artist. And she likes horses. And she's cute. I think I have a girl-crush.

Speaking of candy, I have a new favorite. Totally ridiculous and delicious - Giant Chewy Nerds. They are basically jelly beans with a crunch Nerd coating and I cannot stop eating them . The orange ones are the best followed by the grape (like Shasta!) My taste in candy usually runs with the 80-year-old-man set (Good 'n Plenty, anyone?) , but this is something different and sort of gross. But still tasty.


  1. Oh, thanks for tha panties info. I desperately need some new ones.

    And now I'm off to see if my library has the books. I need some new stuff to read.

  2. I read In the Woods. Then I read 50 or 60 pages of the Likeness and stalled out. I guess that you're saying that it gets better? That would be nice, since I bought the book.

  3. Holy crap, yes. I actually thought it was a bit better than In the Woods.

  4. if you like chewy nerds, you'd probably like the Soda Pop Shoppe Jelly Bellys. If you like Root Beer and Creme Soda, that is. Creme Soda is totally for old men.