Friday, September 26, 2008

I'm Better!

I'm so much better but I've been really busy at work and haven't had time to string more than two thoughts together. I'm sorry for neglecting the blog, but my brain can only hold so much. Quick update:

- Had a GREAT craft show last weekend. We killed it. Apparently wealthy parents and their unenthusiastic offspring are where it's at. We also had a lot of return customers who had lovely things to say about jewelry they'd previously purchased. I never get tired of hearing that.

- Did a fun outlet shopping trip with my friend Nina during which I found The Dress. We had a fun day but hadn't had a ton of luck with the shopping and each only bought a couple of small things. Then we stopped in Saks Off Fifth before we left and I stumbled across the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen, a dress by Issa London. I knew about this designer, but at $500 a pop, there was no way I could afford to even think about it, you know? But I found a rack of ridiculously marked-down Issa dresses and tried one on. And died on the spot. And bought it!

This is the print:

This is me wearing the dress:

Sorry about the face. Anyway, it's silk and it makes me feel really pretty. Yay.

- More riding lessons! Nina and I went out recently for our lesson but the instructor was sick and told us to just saddle up and have some fun. We thought it would be fun to get some action shots:

Hee! Can you feel the joy radiating from my horse-loving grin? It's so much fun I can't believe it's legal.

- What else? Oh, my aunt is coming to town! I haven't seen her since I went out to California last May for my uncle's funeral. I still miss him so much. I'm really excited to see her and spend some time with her catching up.

I feel like there was something else I wanted to tell you guys but I can't remember what it was. Perhaps my opinon on the Bush Doctrine? The proximity of my hoose to Russia? No? Well, it was something like that.


  1. Very, very cute dress!

    And you look like you're having a blast on that horse.

  2. Hoo-hoo! Ze babe, she is hot in zis dress, no? Oui!

    I should know this by now, but do you sell your jew-els online? Linky please. :o)

  3. Um, you are gorgeous, dress or not. But it is a very pretty dress.

    Glad you rocked that show.

  4. Holy jesus, that dress is perfect!

  5. Funny because I didn't like the print alone, but it looks truly gorgeous on you. Also, thanks for the heads up about The Likeness. I went back to it and enjoyed it A LOT!