Monday, December 8, 2008

Hall of Mounted Spazzes.

Can you believe it? I actually left the house. On Friday night Kate, Kenny and I went to the First Friday Art Walk downtown and went and looked at art and stuff. Seriously! Out on a Friday night. The main reason we went was to attend the Fawn Shop, which I think I pimped in a previous entry.

The space looked great and lots of hard work went into setting is up. Very nice indeed. (And open all week, locals Richmonders! Just saying.) After we left there we wandered down to a few of the local galleries:

It was really crowded and we were hungry and these things do not make for a fun art-viewing experience. I suggested we stop in somewhere and get a drink and an appetizer. We went to Popkin Tavern:

Despite having to wait 45(!) hungry minutes to get single order of calamari, we made do with beer until we were finally fed, happy, and ready to head home. Or so we though. On the way back to the car we saw this:

"Hall of Mounted Heads" by Lily Lamberta. It stopped me in my tracks. Drunken hilarity ensued:

This is where I said to Kate, "WE SHOULD JUMP" but you can't tell we're actually airborne - instead it just looks like we're being complete spazzes (which isn't much of a stretch, let's be honest):

At some point I realized there must be a lion and LO, I FOUND HIM:

Richmond Lion! HOW GOES IT.

Kate's favorite thing was this sign:

There were a couple of dogs wandering around snuffling the floor and no food left on the table, so I suspect they got something anyway.

Kate and I chatted with the artist and I found myself talking rapturously to her about the souls of the different critters. (Someone had too much beer on an empty stomach.) But, even sober, I super loved those heads. I hope we can buy one eventually.


  1. The picture of you and the rhino is really good. The note about not feeding the dog -- v. funny!

  2. What's the sparkly mat thingie in the last pic? It looks cool. Does it light up or is that glow-in-dark-paint and a black light or what?

    Love me some sparkles.

  3. I know a four-year-old who would die to own that sparkly mat.

  4. It's not a sparkly mat! It's cement sidewalk with lights embedded in it. Very, very cool.

  5. I loved seeing an art show in another city. I'm curious what the animal heads were made out of. At first I was like, ewww, why would somebody want to kiss a dead animal head and then I realized it was not a formerly breathing thing.

  6. Popkin?! Are you aware that I used to work there? I don't remember. Anyway...I just quit there like a month ago. My boyfriend may have made your calamari!

    Also, I just found some very old pictures from the Keen show I helped out about a year ago. I haven't sent you them, have I?

  7. that is so weird! i was there too!!!!

    i just found this blog from and they asked to find your contact info... weird