Friday, December 19, 2008

Not a Finger!

Sorry for the lack of updates but things have gotten to a critical mass in which the house needs cleaning, cards need sending, orders need filling, presents need purchasing and wrapping, items need baking, bathroom painting needs finishing, tears need crying, you get the picture. I need an assistant, for reals. Maybe I'll get one in my stocking?

Anyway, I'll be bringing you a real update soon with lots really great Bathroom Project 2007-2009 before and after shots (hold me back! I know.) I just need to freaking finish it but it's the never-ending project. It's starting to look REALLY good though:

And look, we got a tall skinny tree this year:

Cute, right? It's real and doesn't take up half the room for once. We still have two boxes of ornaments yet to put on it, so don't be all kermit-faced about how skimpy it is. I KNOW. Give a girl a second. Last weekend was solid SHOWSHOWSHOW but thankfully lots of people came and bought our stuff so we can fund further Keen projects and also fund our own holiday joy. Not quite enough for a pony, but who knows? Maybe this is the year that Santa freak gets it right. I mean, really? If he's stalkery enough to watch me while I'm sleeping, he should know what I want by now. (STOP IT PERVS, you know what I mean.)

Anyway, if you care about such things, photos of the grand craft show last week are here. We (The Richmond Craft Mafia) put on a very nice show if I do say so myself.

That's all. More soon. Send help.

PS. You know what I really like? Squirrels.


  1. An assistant to cry my tears for me would be THE BEST.

  2. The bathroom is really looking good!

  3. Dude, I just noticed your paypal pony fund button. AWESOME! (I usually just read in my google reader, so it could have been there for a while!!)

  4. Excellent use of a Christmas Story quote in the title.

    You get an A+, +, +, +

  5. hey - at least you have got your tree up and decorated. hope you get that assistant in your stocking.