Monday, December 22, 2008

More First World Problems

Saturday almost made me cry with it's not-ending-ness. I'm starting to block my time out in hour increments in order to get everything finished by Wednesday. I still have not:

- wrapped a single gift (my most hated task)
- finished painting the bathroom
- bought the last few gifts
- finished cleaning the house
- finished making jewelry that's been requested
- sent out more than four Christmas cards

It gets to the point where you start renegotiating your holiday craziness and suddenly you're all, WAIT. Nobody gives a shit if they get a card from you. WAIT, nobody will know you didn't make that dip yourself. WAIT, that person probably didn't want a gift anyway. WAIT, nobody will be peering into your shower and judging you by it's filth and even if they did that makes that person an asshole.

OKAY. I did call Kate at one point Saturday and said,

"Hey, can you just please tell me everything will be okay?"

Because I thought I was done with the jewelry stuff (what with the giant show we did last weekend) but not so! I am NOT COMPLAINING because it really it a great problem to have when people want to give you money for stuff you make, but there's really not much inventory left and on Saturday I was busy selling to the husband of a friend when the phone rang and it was the owner of a shop that carries our stuff wanting more stuff and then the phone rang again and it was another husband wanting to buy jewelry. Fabulous, yes?

I felt like a bit of a jerk because I think people sensed that I was stressed out, but it was all my own stress over having low inventory and a very short time frame. I think in the end I managed to make everyone happy, so that's nice. I am truly happy that folks are buying from us rather than going to the mall, you know?

Anyway, I really wanted to finish up my Christmas shopping and I did manage to make my way to Carytown but felt really weird and spacey the whole time. It was 5pm and I suddenly realized I'd never eaten lunch. I just didn't have time to even consider it! I'm not usually one of those assholes who "forgets to eat" but I really legitimately did.

I completely made up for it by hoovering down the completely delicious hors d'oeuvres served at a friend's party that night. That party was the best part of my day:

On Sunday I slept in and then spent the entire day with Kate baking up a storm. It's really a pretty excellent way to spend a day - I highly recommend it. The end.


  1. I am so there with you. I keep wondering where I am going to get the time to do everything that needs to be done. Ugh.

  2. Thank you again for the gifts - I plan on wearing the necklace tomorrow.

    Here is the trailer for Minesweeper: The Movie. Rebecca loved it. You will laugh and then want to play Minesweeper.

  3. We can all take a deep breath because it's OVER!

    P.S. I'm totally that asshole that looks behind the shower curtain. Only because I'm also that asshole that has hidden behind the shower curtain so I could jump out and scare the hell outta somebody while they were takin' a leak and I know one day somebody will get their revenge.