Friday, April 17, 2009

A Waffle Tragedy in One Act

This morning Kenny toasted some Kashi waffles to go along with our usual oatmeal. I decided to save mine for my mid-morning snack and baggied it up with the rest of my lunch fixings.

At 10am when I went to retrieve it from my lunch bag (which was in the incredibly disgusting tomb of a workplace fridge) it was NOT THERE. I continued to paw frantically through my bag, deeply distressed, and a woman who works across the hall laughed at me. Laughed at me! Now, why is that funny? I told her I didn't it was funny because I WAS HUNGRY NOM. Then I ate her. Not really, but I was unamused.

I emailed my husband and told him to go ahead and eat the left-behind waffle because otherwise we'd be wasting food and that is so pre-October 2008.

Here is the email exchange:

Me: I think I left my waffle at home, which makes me sad. Please eat it if you desire.

Kenny: Don't be sad. The cats already dragged it out back and ripped it apart. Then they decide they didn't like it.

Me: Aw, dang. That is tragical.

Kenny: Bad news is the cats dragged it out back and thrashed on it for a while before dropping it in the scummy pond out of boredom.

Me: Zero respect.

Kenny: I guess I can fish it out so it will be dry when you get home.

Me: That's okay. I think it's time to set it free.

Kenny: OK.



  1. But that's cats for ya: No respect. My only advice is to keep the credit cards where they can't find them, and be sure to password-protect your internet. They totally can't be trusted.

  2. I was a purposeful slight. Damn them!

  3. That so reminds me of the "Free Cheesy Bread" commercial of a few years ago.

    "Be free Kashi waffles, be free!"

  4. Damn waffle stealing evil kitties.