Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Hair Apparent.

Sorry, that's a terrible pun. But yeah, I got my hair cut today and sadly that's the most exciting thing that's happened to me in a while. It pretty much looks the same as it did before I got it cut but it's sharper and shinier:

No matter how I try I can't ever seem to make it look quite as sleek as my stylist does. The salon where I go is pretty nice (despite my having had a really bad experience the first time I ever walked in the door) but the receptionist is crazy. She's got those swirly eyes and I should have expected it, but she covers really well. I used to think she was super duper nice - she always remembered my name and that I make jewelry, and she's very VERY VERY VERY FRIENDLY. SO FRIENDLY. Warning, right?

So one day I had a conflict and realized I wouldn't be able to make my appointment the next day, so I called her to reschedule. She went from super duper friendly! to COLD CRAZY BITCH in one second flat. You would have thought I'd called up to tell her that I was currently ransacking her apartment and holding her dog for ransom. She was not pleased and made sure I knew it. Rescheduling was tough because apparently my stylist didn't have any openings for the rest of the year. Oh wait, I guess maybe this 9am Tuesday appointment is open if I could deign to find time in my CLEARLY TOO BUSY SCHEDULE.

Wah! Don't hurt me! I've been wary of her ever since.

Which is why I patiently stood at the front desk waiting to pay for a full ten minutes while she took care of what was clearly a personal phone call. She did that silent "Ooh, so sorry! One sec!" squinchy face thing at me and I just smiled gently and stayed quiet because I was afraid she'd strangle me with the phone cord if I tried to interrupt.

I know there are some people who would be all, oh no she didn't! about this but honestly, those people either a) carry guns or b) have already been killed by crazy receptionists. I really don't like baiting the crazy so I just lay low and accept the bad customer service. Clearly my life depends on it.


  1. Love the hair Adrian. My last stylist did the longer in the front thing on me but then also added some weird shit in the back so I kind of look like Carol Brady a la The Brady Bunch. WTF? No wonder I'm going gray. Your hair is nice and shiny too. Do you use products to attain that or are you naturally silky and shiny?

  2. Sounds fab, and your hair looks great! Last time my daughter went in for coloring she was there for over 4 hours, so a nice environment is vital!