Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Another Boring Entry sponsored by iPhone.

Hi y'all. I had Friday off, so woo, long weekend! Kenny and I decided to start the day off right with a giant diner breakfast, so we drove over to the local diner and I took photos.

Here's a really cute tiny office building tucked into the shopping center:

And here's our final destination:


Nom. (Claudia, the bacon is a figment of your imagination.)

After all that we went for a bike ride so we don't end up being filmed from the neck down for the next local news segment about obesity. (Have you ever thought how horrible it would be to be watching the news and see YOURSELF being used as a prime example of how fat America is? I would die. I wish they wouldn't do that to people. Anyway, digression.)

Here I am on the trail in my new Twin Six jersey. I'm not sure why I'm making that face. Probably bacon-related.

After the ride I got to hang out with my friend Ashley who was in town from Chicago. Sadly, I didn't take any photos of her but I did make her nearly vomit with laughter by telling her all about my mother's complete obsession with Ad@m L@mbert. Hand to God, she bought TWO issues of the Rolling Stone magazine with him on the cover. Oh, Mom.

Later we did a little shopping and managed to fill giant bags full of bulk-bin candy from For the Love of Chocolate (aka the best store in town.) I swear to God, it's like I WANT to be on the local news or something. Still, where else can you get gummis shaped like chicken feet?

On Saturday I went out to my sister's house to celebrate Red's birthday and also my sister's birthday. Red actually smiled for a photo, but only when I begged:

The cake was a masterpiece:

Bunny cake! My mother gave my sister a copy of Ad@m LAmbert's CD for her birthday. See, I cannot make this shit up.

On Sunday I crawled across the lawn to get this photo of a real live bunny in our front yard:

I was literally belly down, crawling on my hands and knees to get a photo of a rabbit. I could probably go to PetSm@art and see some rabbits up close but this one was super-cute and in my front yard! I never get tired of the bunnies.

On Sunday I also hung out with my dad for a bit and also did some more bike-related nonsense. And then a fair amount of this kind of thing:

Big surprise. The End.


  1. Don't worry.. we have file video of fat people.

  2. Ah! Does that mean it's fat people from some other place?

  3. I know that bacon's real. You can't fool me, bacon eater!!

    Also, that CD from mom? Accidentally fell into the trash can. It's like it flew from the card into the trash, like it hated itself so much it had to end it all. Before it ended up in a news segment about how much crazy old ladies like Ad@m Lambert.

  4. Mary (down the hall)June 23, 2009 at 9:00 PM

    Bacon is *worth* hallucinating about. I have a Jewish friend who keeps kosher but every once in a while I'll slip him a slice of perfectly-cooked bacon and a "It's worth it!" whisper.


    Also, I can't figure out where the diner is. Where!

  5. That cat is totally Ad@m Lambertish.

  6. I just can't get enough of this story about your mother and Adam Lambert.

    Also, that's a stellar photo of Red.