Thursday, August 2, 2007

Reparo! Scourgify!

Last night I stayed up way too late and finished the new Harry Potter book. What am I supposed to do now? I feel empty...and bereft. It was so good and now it's over and I am sad. Seriously, what the hell am I supposed to do now?

I've had nearly two weeks off and I've got lots to tell you guys but I'm too full of HP malaise to bother. It's bad. I would be all braggy and post Camp, Part III pictures but I don't have them back yet, so instead you get a very fascinating pictorial of the Bathroom Project. As soon as I get my wand and learn some spells i'm going to find and stupify the woman who though that purple plaster was the most excellent choice for the bathroom walls. Fuck it. Avada Kedavra, lady.

Anyway, I've been suffering from crappy headaches all week (sinus? migraine? who knows?) so I just got to chipping away at it today. Here's the progress:

And here's the rest of that side of the wall:

I have a lot to do. Here's a closeup of the crappy plaster nightmare:

And the crazy-ass dust mess I made. Can't you just taste the lead paint?

And just for kicks, here's a picture of my favorite photo of me and my mom:

Now you all know what I look like naked. Enjoy, you pervs.


  1. That's one of my favorite pictures, too. I've been meaning to scan my most fav one that's in MY bathroom (I love how we hang our most treasured items in the same room we poo in). Maybe I'll go do that.

  2. I like that painting in that photo of your wall. Good luck with the bathroom!


  3. Wow Adrien - I never saw how much you look like your Mom until this pic!