Monday, July 23, 2007

I can haz Adreeen? Plz? Kthxbai.

Ha, my friend Marianne (who I'm going to see in a few short days) just sent me that title in an email and cracked my shit up. I'll admit it right here: I dig some LOLcats. I do. It's seriously stupid but makes me laugh. I also dig Marianne so that works out nicely.

Today was the first official day of my vacation and can I just say this: it was a weird fucking day. Not weird-bad, just...weird. For one thing, there were critters EVERYWHERES. I saw:

- outside the door of the Dillards at the mall a mama duck and a whole flock of her tiny babies, all of who freaked out when I opened the door. The mama quacked angrily and the babies all fell over themselves to waddle away and I felt bad because I scared them and what the ASS were they doing there? I'm sure there's a man-made lake nearby but they were hiding in mall shrubbery! It was weird. And pretty cute.

- two different chipmunks! One I spotted while stopped at a red light; it was busy scampering around some trash cans. The other I saw when riding my bike home because it ran right across the street in front of me.

- two seconds after that I saw a raccoon casually hanging out in some one's front yard.

Weird, right?

I spent my morning running errands and then was at a loss because what the hell was I supposed to do with an entire unplanned day off? My problems are immense, I know. Nearing lunchtime I was wracking my brain about who I could call to have lunch with me and thought of my friend Christina who I haven't seen in ages. She lives nearby but I thought it might be rude to call two minutes before noon for a lunch date.

I went to have lunch at Ukrops (alone with Harry Potter clutched to my breast. Yes, I caved.) and who did I run in to? Christina with her toddler son, Aidan. Weird! Fabulous! Not only that, but we'd both bought the exact same thing for lunch and had parked right across from each other without knowing it. Fantastic. We had lunch together after all and it felt like it had been preordained or something. It was that kind of day.

Now, I have to stop writing because Harry Potter awaits and I love him more than I love you. That's just the way it is, bitches.


  1. they seem to have a lot of the same posts buuuut:

    my favorites:

    haha okay I'm done.

  2. I love icanhascheezburger too. It's one of my secret shames, along with loving romance novels.

  3. All those little Aidans running around. I don't feel unique anymore.

  4. Hey!! I don't know why I haven't come across your blog before now... This is cool! Coryndon says all the cool kids have blogs... which apparently is true. I do not have a blog... I'm TOO cool for blogs (ok... maybe just too busy/lazy, but I still like the TOO cool idea).

    You done with Harry yet? Let me know... we'll discuss!