Monday, June 2, 2008

I want to shoot the whole day down.

Deeply Disappointing Me:

The Fuckwad who keyed my brand new Obama bumper sticker. I finally feel good enough about a presidential candidate to be actively supportive and within five hours some dick keyed it up? Grand. I mean, I've seen hundreds of douchey Bush-centric stickers over the past eight years and, while I've quietly made fun of the sticker-owners in my head, I've never actually destroyed their property over it. Who even does that? Gee, sorry to insult you with an INTELLIGENT candidate, that must really suck for you.

My timing belt. Oh belt, I thought you were changed at the 90,000 mile mark giving me some time before belt number two was needed, but NO. I dug through old paperwork and discovered that my car's previous owner was way, way too diligent and got you at 60,000 miles. WHY. Now, at 164,000 miles I'm about 14 grand overdue. Well, at least I know what to do with all those extra bags of money I have laying around.

Dominion Power, I understand that my house is on the weakest grid, like, ever, but what the hell kind of "equipment failure" can cause a widespread outage on a Monday morning? Too many toasters? If you can't fix that, you know what you can fix? Your craptastic automated telephone system. The one that didn't recognize my phone number and then impatiently hung up on me while I was fumbling around for my account number which I couldn't find because MY HOUSE WAS DARK. Also, thanks for the bad hair day.



  1. Seriously, sometimes I want to move to an island where the only rule is DON'T BE A DICK. Why is that so hard for people to follow?

  2. Yep, I feel your pain. And that sticker? Man, that's low. I am seriously considering getting an Obama sticker, too. And perhaps a couple back-up ones just in case.

  3. Well dang, that freakin' sucks! You know my dad was always afraid to put stickers for Democrats on his car because he was worried it would get keyed, but I didn't think that actually happened!

  4. Just leave it to karma, honey.

    You know the hate-monger Republitard who keyed your sticker is actually a Liza-loving queer who any day now will be busted in a bathroom stall, ass-pumping the youth minister of his mega-church while wearing his wife's leopard pumps.

    Tick-tock goes the clock of bad karma.

  5. City Girl, that might be my favorite comment, ever.

  6. Email me your address and I'll send you a kickass Shepard Fairey Obama sticker. I have extras.

  7. Following all of that tornado stuff, Dominion Power had equipment failure that left my job with out air conditioning and a half the building with out electricity all of Thursday and part of Friday. It was good times.