Friday, June 20, 2008

Horse Crazy.

Yeah, I'm a liar. I never did tell you about that craft show but here's a brief summary: hot as balls, sold two things, complete misery.

And hey, it's Friday! I got about three hours of sleep last night so I can barely hold my head up enough to care. I've been sleeping really well all week but last night I got into bed and just... couldn't. Even with Benedryl, sleep's best friend, it didn't happen. I think I finally drifted off around 3am. I feel awesome today, as you can probably imagine.

Just for fun, I'm getting up tomorrow at 4am (FUCK) to drive up to Baltimore with some of the Richmond Craft Mafia women. We are doing a group booth at Pile of Craft. (You should come say hi! Help prop me up!) It should be a fun show and is, thankfully, inside. Yay for that.

So, all that excitement aside, the most exciting thing that happened to me this week: Horseback riding! I took riding lessons pretty regularly from when I was eight up until high school. I finally gave it up to focus on perfecting my heavy black art school eyeliner application and smoke ring blowing skillz. But I always missed it, always missed just being around horses.

So, when a friend of mine started taking lessons this year I got that yearning again. I was envious, but nervous about actually taking that leap. What if I tried it again and it scared me? What if I'd forgotten everything I spent my childhood learning to do? But she convinced me to come with her, lent me boots and breeches, and off we went.

It was SO GREAT. I remembered everything! It all came back. We brushed our horses, saddled and bridled them and away we went. My horse buddy was a big bay named Ticket and he was a melancholy but sweet fellow. By the time I left he was tucking his nose into my elbow and lovingly blowing horse snot on me. TRUE LOVE 4EVA. I am gone. Just gone. Thankfully, my friend is kind enough to offer to let me go ride with her a few times a month, so next time I'll take my camera and document the joy. I haven't felt that kind of simple happiness in a long while.

Oh, man. There is no love in the world like that between a girl and a horse.

(Please don't take that out of context you filthy freaks.)


  1. I have a feeling I will have some photos soom of Dusty in that very pose. Also - OMG those shorts!! Ha! Go 1981!!

  2. Soon. Not "soom" - bad typing fingers.

  3. i was just telling charlie how much i used to love horseback riding! that sounds like an awesome day!
    btw...i used to have a tshirt when i was about 11 that had a picture of a horse inside a horseshoe and it said "hooked on horses" glitter.