Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A Walk to Work.

Every so often when my car needs meeeellions in repairs, I drop it off at a garage a few miles from work and walk in the rest of the way. The main road to the school has negative sidewalks (rich folks don't like foot traffic, yo) so I take an alternate route through the woods, sort of. Today I thought it would be fun to photograph my route, the results of which is more photos that I know what to do with. So, fair warning: pic heavy! And possibly dull! Click on the pictures to make them big!

This look is so Working Girl:

First I have to cross this stupidly busy street and try to not get run over:

Then I walk down a sad strip of sidewalk. I sometimes get weird looks because this ain't a walking area:

Then I run out of sidewalk and walk on the path as traffic wizzes by on my left:

On my right, I come to Bandy Field, a neighborhood park where bird frolic, dogs get walked, and rich children practice field hockey:

I walk past half of the field and then follow the path that cuts up to the right:

I walk past the back half of the field where dogs get walked:

I saw this insane car on the way. BE HAPPY (definitely get clicky on this one):

there's a little lane that runs alongside the field and I follow that:

It narrows down:

and down:

and eventually forks out. I take the left path which leads through the trees and down a hill (which is hard to walk but would be fun on my bike):

The hill bottoms out at the cul de sac end of a very nice neighborhood. I always feel weird walking this section, like a wealthy person is going to chase me out with a broom or something:

At the end of the street I come to another little wooded path. It's really hard to find in the middle of the summer because it gets so overgrown, but right now it's still pretty tame:

The path goes down a hill and over a tiny bridge:

and then straight up again:

At the top of the railroad stairs I find:

Now I have to trek across campus. I go around the entrance sign and cut in between the tennis courts and a running track:

That ends at a parking lot and then I cross a street and follow this path between buildings:

More paths:

A cool view of the building on my right, but I take these little steps down and around it:

That's my building down there:

I take a path to the right and then follow this brick path down the hill to work:

Holy crap, that took forever. The End.


  1. Hey, that was lots o' fun!

  2. What a pretty campus. Lordy, how did you ever figure out a route like that?

  3. It was passed down to me from a friend - a lot of employees use that mechanic, apparent.

  4. Lord, today, tomorrow and yesterday! That's quite a hike! Be careful roaming through the woods. Especially now that you've photographed your route and put it up for all the world to see! I'm just being selfish... i want more blog entries. It's not because I like you and want no harm to come to you, or anything.

  5. Just to be clear, the "woods" are basically a cut through between wealthy neighborhoods. I think the worst that could happen is getting licked to death by Biff's chocolate lab.

  6. Beware the automatic sprinklers in those schmancy neighborhoods (you know, the ones which never stopped in the drought last year). They're vicious beasties.

  7. Wow, that's beautiful! Where's all the trash and graffiti? That's what my walks look like.

  8. I thought you were going to end up in Narnia at one point there!

  9. The grass and trees made me happy! Thanks for all the photos too! Cheers! Bruce