Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Best. Day. Ever.

Yesterday was great, right? I mean, I don't know about you guys, but I have never felt like this about a president before. Sure, I liked Clinton and voted for him, but I didn't want to line up outside his door and ask him what he wanted me to do, like, starting NOW. I watched yesterday's inauguration with a pure heart. That's right, I felt no cynicism at all about our new leader or his family. This is ridiculous, this feeling. It's like falling in love where you just have to take that final leap and hope you don't get crushed into dust. I guess this is what faith is, huh.

Just in case you think I've gone soft, I did guffaw loudly when they rolled ole Cheney out in that wheelchair. Oh, the RIDICULOUS IRONY that he hurt his back moving out! Oh, lord, that is rich. My friend Emily's husband speculated that he actually hurt his back loading corpses into his trunk, which I think it probably how it happened.

I also made nasty faces at gross Rick Warren and his bizarre declarations of the Obama girl's names, as if he were trying to call up the holy spirit with them or something. What a creep. Other than that, I was thoroughly charmed. I loved the music, I loved Aretha's hat, I loved the ball gowns, I loved it all (even if I was cringey about them walking down the street like that, all out in the open. Gah!)

And so, I remain hopeful and optimistic even though I know it's gonna take a while to get everything straight. Faith, my friends.

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  1. Yesterday was a great day. Did you see the Daily Show? I loved Jon Stewart's comments about Cheney and Rick Warren.

  2. Cheney couldn't have hurt his back lifting *adult* corpses, silly girl.

    He only feasts on the flesh of pagan BABIES!

    But I'm with you. I am actually, finally, excited and proud to be an American. And I LOVED Aretha's hat! Although I hated that stupid gold rope necklace on the pianist. Bless her.