Monday, January 19, 2009

Birthday Roundup

Thanks for the birthday wishes, all. I had to work today, Monday, a day most people have off. I was sad, but I did take off Friday (my actual birthday day) which was fantastic. I had a really good day off. I met my sister for lunch, went to the gym (hi, you know what's good on a cold day? THE SAUNA. Why did it take me so long to discover this bake-y warm wonder? It's freaking awesome.), went shopping, relaxed at home with Kenny, ate cookies my friend Ashley sent me, had Thai takeout for dinner and watched a movie and generally just had a nice day.

On Saturday I saw Slumdog Millionaire with my mom (it's so good!) and then had a bit of a panic because the douchebags who sat next to us left early and took my coat with them. Luckily they figured it out and left my coat with the manager, but really? Maybe just bring it back so I don't have a coronary in the theater, people? It was cold out too. Hmph.

After the movie Kenny and I went over to Kate's and had a really lovely dinner. Thanks, Kate! She made a chocolate bread pudding that we're still talking about because it tasted like unicorns and rainbows and holy crap, it was good. SO GOOD.

Since I'm pretty admittedly shallow, here are the highlights of some of the nice gifts I got:

earrings from Kate:

made by our friend Tere. I'm wearing them right now! I love them. Kate also knitted me the cutest scarf, ever, which I wore with my red coat this morning. I look awesome because of her.

Kenny gave me tickets to see The English Beat (or The Beat, as apparently they're known in England) which I'm pretty excited about. I love ska a lot because it's happy music even when it isn't. It's sad to me that I mentioned this show to a young person who gave me a blank look and said, "Who?" Lord above, children.

My sister gave me several gifts, the highlights being:

and a paper fan with a Kenneth (the page on 30 Rock) face on it. It's indescribably beautiful. I wish I had a photo. Okay, it looks like this:

in paper fan form. Jealous?

I also got the gift of kick-ass from both my husband and my friend Amy. I got Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred and Bob Whathisface's Biggest Loser book. I feel like perhaps maybe I hit the bread pudding too hard or something. Are people trying to tell me something? Happy birthday! Now, repent and suffer!


  1. Lemme know what you think of the 30 Day Shred. As much as I think I'm a rockstar in the gym, I kind of like the idea of Jillian making me shred things, and have it on my Amazon wishlist. Just haven't made the commitment to throw it in my cart for fear it will suck it.

  2. Damn. Happy belated birthday. You rock. Seriously.

  3. I borrowed a friend's 30-Day Shred months ago and do it about once a week - I really like it! It's definitely a challenge for me; you super-fit bitches might not find the same, I don't know.

    One downside: stupid minutes-long introduction that you can't skip. WHY DO THEY DO THAT?

  4. glad you had a great day! enjoy the earrings!

  5. A little late, but Happy Birthday! We have a bunch of those paper fans of Kenneth floating around our house. They were giving them out at Comic-Con.